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I can’t unlock my Citizen Card, what to do?

How can I unlock the Citizen Card anyway? Very calm at this time and we will explain what to do at this moment. The Card is a right of every formal worker, because through it, it is possible to have access to consultations and withdrawals of social and labor benefits.

Having the Citizen Card blocked is a big problem, even more so during benefit payment periods. In this post, learn how to unblock the citizen card and what may have happened so that it was blocked.

What this article covers:

How to unlock the Citizen Card step by step!

Unlocking the citizen card is very simple and you can even apply without leaving your home, see the step-by-step below:

  • Call the Call Center on 0800 726 0207;
  • Choose the option “unlock the Citizen Card”;
  • Some questions will be asked to confirm your identity, just answer the attendant’s questions;
  • After confirmation, your citizen card will be unblocked and you can resume use within 24 hours.

After unlocking, the customer will need to register a new password. This registration can be done at a branch of Caixa Econômica Federal, Casa Lotérica or through the Call Center again. Service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

What can block the Citizen Card?

Your card, when issued, is sent to you still blocked, so to unlock your Citizen Card it is initially necessary to register the first password after the unlocking steps mentioned above.

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Entering the wrong password several times in a row can cause your card to be blocked, but understand that blocking in this case is just a security measure, so that no one but you can consult or withdraw your benefits.

There are not many common causes for blocking the Citizen Card, therefore, when identifying it as blocked, go as soon as possible to the Customer Service to unblock the service.

How can I check the balance, password and other information on the Citizen Card?

For security reasons, there is no portal for accessing your password, so when registering it, write it down in a safe place and choose digits that are easily remembered by you.

Caixa provides a free application for checking account balances, but checking balances and payments for unemployment benefits, PIS and others can also be done at the ATMs at Caixa Econômica Federal branches. Your labor benefits can also be monitored through the Digital Job Card application.

How can I check the balance, password and other information on the Citizen Card

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Although many benefits are currently released through Caixa Tem, the Citizen Card still gives access to receipts from FGTSunemployment insurance, PIS, salary bonus, family allowance, among other benefits and consultation can be done through it.

You certainly won’t want any complications when receiving them, so if your card is blocked, call the Service Center as soon as possible to unblock the Citizen Card and receive your benefits, after all, you’ve already seen that the step by step is very simple.

Trust in the practicality of the Card to streamline your day-to-day life, optimize your time and not depend on long queues at cashiers and lottery agencies, avoid headaches and save time!

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