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I can’t transfer money, what to do?

Caixa has, an app from the federal savings bank, became very popular due to the covid-19 pandemic, with the aim of making life easier for Brazilians who receive emergency aid.

However, nowadays, it has become, in addition to an application present on almost all Brazilian cell phones, also a way to transfer and receive money.

Through the app, you can check status, view transaction statements, make boleto payments, transfer via pix and other ways as well.

However, the application started to have several occurrences of technical problems due to the increase in the number of users (almost the entire country). Today we will help you to know what to do if you cannot transfer your money! Check out!

What this article covers:

Why can’t I make a transfer at Caixa?

One of the main reasons for not being able to transfer money at the cashier is the fact that the application is suffering from user overload. Think of it this way: not only can you use the application, but more than millions of Brazilians, all this flow will disrupt the process.

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Other reasons include: updates, internet issues or even device memory overload. Or the company responsible for maintaining the app may simply be making some changes.

What to do to resolve the money transfer error in Caixa Tem?

There are things that can prevent this error, such as clearing the phone’s cache, clearing the memory, updating the app, calling customer service, updating your phone, or checking the transfer data.

Solutions to solve the Caixa Tem transfer error

We have selected below some solutions for you to solve this problem! Check out!

cache cleanup

Our cell phone records everything we do and it wouldn’t be different with our apps. Each logs every file it has ever downloaded or uploaded, and this is called a “cache”.

It may take up a certain amount of space on your phone, which makes other apps slow down. To clear the cashier’s cache, just access your phone’s settings, click on “applications” and search for the cashier. Click on the icon and select the option “clear cache” and that’s it!

Clean your cell phone!

Whatsapp conversations, videos, memes, photos, audios, all of this accumulates on the device and can also slow down the cashier app. Therefore, perform a weekly cleaning on your cell phone, delete messages that you no longer need and see if your cell phone has improved. Himself whatsapp app has an option to delete messages!

Check your internet connection

See if your connection is good, if you’re picking up in the area and also, how your data is. You can check this in the right corner of your cell phone (or in the left corner, depending on the cell phone model) where the ripples appear (famous wifi ripples). When there is no such symbol or it is going back and forth, it means that the signal is bad. When the “H+” symbol appears, it means that your internet is only at 42 Mbps, which makes it slower.
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