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I am Groot! Disney announces the new series of the little superhero • ENTER.CO

I am Groot! In 2014, a superhero was born who garnered a huge fan following with just one sentence as a line. Of course we are talking about Groot, the superhero who was born from a twig and who has conquered the hearts of millions of people. Now, he will have his own series: “I am Groot”.

Marvel and Disney shared the first trailers for ‘I am Groot’, the animated series inspired by the superhero that made its debut in Guardians of the Galaxy. Although at the end of 2020 there had been talk of this series, few details had been revealed about it. In fact, some hypotheses arose that the production was in trouble due to the pandemic, so it would be delayed.

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Now, the producers have gratifyingly shut our mouths. During the panel that Marvel Animation has at San Diego Comic-Con, they revealed today, July 22, the new trailer for the series. Likewise, the panelists announced that the production is ready to make its debut on August 10 on Disney Plus. Keep in mind that this new facet of the superhero will be through an animated series, not a live action. As we could see in the trailer, ‘I am Groot’ will tell us part of the hero’s story, his growth and his experience in different “everyday” situations told in the five shorts that will make up the series. In fact, in 2021 the series was described as follows: “The series follows the glory days of Baby Groot growing up and getting into trouble among the stars.”

The series is intended as a complement to the story of Guardians of the Galaxy, because in the current chronology he is no longer Baby Groot, as we see him in the trailer, but he is already a teenage Groot. On the other hand, it has not yet been confirmed if the shorts will have any impact on the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie that is planned to be released in the following years.

This is the second production of this style that is made around the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first series was “what if…?” released in August of last year; however, the animations and the tone vary between both productions.

Image: Marvel

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