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I already have a Nubank account, how can I apply for a credit card?

The Nubank account offers a number of benefits to its users. With it, the customer can manage their finances, make payments via bank slip, transfer via Ted or doc, in addition to functions with the pix, cell phone recharge and saving money, and every balance in the account will earn 100% of the CDI every month.

The company Nubank also offers the card option for customers. This credit card is well regarded by its users as it has no annual fees. See how to order yours below.

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How to apply for a Nubank credit card?

To apply for a Nubank credit card is very simple, you just need to have access to a computer or have your cell phone in hand. The first way to bid on the Nubank card is to go directly to the company’s website. In the menu in the upper right corner, just click on the little purple button “I want to be Nubank”.

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The second option is done directly through the application on the cell phone, in the Edir invitation option. Finally, the third option is to receive an invitation from a friend who is already a customer and through referral you can request access to credit.

Is there a charge on the Nubank credit card?

The Nubank credit card is free and has no annual fees. As long as the customer pays their invoices on the established due date, it is an excellent option to help balance the expenses of those who need it.

However, not every user of the digital account has access to the credit card. Even through referrals from friends, every request for the company’s credit card Nubank undergoes analysis by the company and does not guarantee approval.

What to do when my application for the Nubank credit card is declined?

To access the Nubank card, you must be a resident of Brazil, have a CPF, provide an email address and be at least 18 years old. The analysis varies from user to user, and in case of disapproval, it is possible to request it again.

Some factors contribute to the ordeal, such as a purchase history with no late payments and frequent movement in your bank account. The company recommends that, in case of disapproval, the user performs a new analysis in 6 months, which is a possible deadline to verify if the person’s score has increased in that period.

Video: Learn how to order your NUBANK card

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