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Hunter x Hunter manga returns in November • ENTER.CO

We just need to survive the pandemic to be able to see them. But it is official (and real). Hunter X Hunter manga. The official account of Shonen Jump on Twitter published that the 37th volume of the manga will go on sale on November 4 in Japan.

Unfortunately, on this side of the pond we will have to wait a little longer, as there is no confirmation if the episodes will be released digitally. Manga Plus, the application to read manga from the magazine officially. In the current version it is possible to read the first three and last three chapters of the manga, but the rest are not available internationally. In the United States, the story is licensed by Viz Media (which is related to Jump+), while in Latin America and Mexico it is shared between various publishers, including Paniní.

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Of course, this also means that fans who want to catch up with Hunter X Hunter (legally) will have to avoid manga spoilers starting on November 4. There has been no update to this story since 2018. The information in the account does not confirm how many new chapters there will be with the return of the manga. Through network posts on his social networks Yoshihiro Togashi (author of Hunter X Hunter) indicated that he was working on at least 10 different manuscripts. It is not clear if this means that this is the number of new chapters (the initial report indicated that at least four different chapters will be revealed).

Considering that one of the main reasons why the Hunter X Hunter manga has been on hiatus has been due to its author’s health problems, it is normal that fans are excited for his return. Stories like the ones in Berserk show that there is something tragic about these great stories never getting an ending.

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