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Humberto Zutira says that Christian Bach sent him Stephanie Salas because he “wanted to see them together”

Humberto Zurita believes that Christian Bach sent Stephanie Salas to him.

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Humberto Zurita is living his romantic relationship to the fullest with Stephanie Salasbut this does not prevent him from continuing to remember his deceased wife, the actress Christian Bachso much so that even he believes that she could have been the one who sent him love because “she wanted to see them together.”

Humberto Zutita and Christian Bach were married for almost 30 years, but since she died in February 2019, the actor had preferred to keep his love life on hold; Although he was involved on several occasions with other actresses, it was in September 2022 when he finally confirmed that he is giving himself a new opportunity in love with the daughter of Sylvia Pasquel, whom he already knew and had the opportunity to live with due to the friendship that existed. between Stephanie Salas and the mother of her two children, but she never imagined that they would end up as a couple.

And as incredible as it may seem, the co-star of ‘La Reina del Sur’ has come to think that it was the late actress Christian Bach who sent him love, he expressed it during a recent interview with the program ‘De Primera Mano’.

“I was thinking about it the other day, it’s very curious, but I do believe that Christian has a lot to do with Stephanie. She loved Stephanie very much, Stephanie loved her, and they knew each other very well. Stephanie and I met again and I think it was a little feather that Christian dropped and he wanted to see us together“He commented in front of the mother of Michelle Salas, who was attentive to the comment.

In addition, he was emphatic in assuring that the memory of Christian Bach will always remain very present in his life, despite the fact that this year, when he turns four years after leaving, he will not be able to be with his children due to his different work commitments.

We don’t do anything special anymore, it’s very difficult. Right now my youngest son is finishing a job in the Canary Islands, the older one is going back to Australia. I will be here and now that the 26th (February) falls we will not be togethershe may be working, but she is in our hearts,” he added.

Before finishing, he was grateful for the expressions of affection that he constantly receives from the public, so he will not stop sharing unpublished photographs through his social networks with which he enjoys remembering her.

“I will always be uploading something nice and uploading a nice photo of her for the public that loves her so much and continues to show her affection and her love for Christian,” said the actor and director of the play “Dear Daddy.”

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