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Humberto Zurita dedicates a moving message to his children during his trip to Europe

Humberto Zuritaactor known for his participation in stories such as “Sometimes we will have wings”, “100 days to fall in love” and “La Reina del Sur”, It caused a stir on social networks thanks to the unexpected publication that he dedicated to his sons Sebastián and Emiliano Zurita.

It was from his official Instagram account that the first actor opened his heart and reflected on fatherhood, as well as the happiness that it has brought to his life.

“I am infinitely grateful for the sunrises and sunsets of every day of my life, next to my children,” he wrote, alluding to the photograph with which he accompanied his emotional message. “They are my reason for being and my greatest blessing. I do not want to let more days of this new year go by, to thank your company that from the first day of your birth, gave birth to my deepest and most selfless love for being alive and fully enjoying every day of my life by your side. ”.

As on other occasions, Humberto Zurita did not miss the opportunity to remember his deceased wife, the also actress Christian Bach. “Today, Christian is missing: his mother, who, wherever she is, continues to shelter us with her love and gives us her protection. She always lives in my heart and soul, it is her abode. They are my greatest reason for being and my greatest desire to continue in this life sowing with work and joy: love, gratitude and harmony”, he added.

It didn’t take long for her emotional message to be answered by her followers and even by her current partner, the actress and singer Stephanie Salas, who with a few words showed her support: “I love you baby, and yours ”.

For his part, The actor’s digital community dedicated himself to filling the Zurita trio with compliments, and above all, filling them with congratulations for staying together.

“The father of the chicks… I love them as a family”, “What a beautiful postcard”, “There is no purer genuine and unconditional love than the one we have for our children without a doubt” and “Beautiful words, they are an example of union and love ”, are some of the words that are read on the net.

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