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Humberto Zurita boasts of his vacations in Europe and makes painful reflections on 2022

Humberto Zurita He has been in the spotlight in recent months for his relationship with Luis Miguel’s ex-partner, Stephanie Salas.

Despite this, Zurita does not forget his wife, Christian Bachwho passed away a few years ago from a rare disease.

This time the actor showed that he has learned to live with this loss, and for this reason he has joined his sons Sebastián and Emiliano even more, who are always aware of their father and support him unconditionally in the decisions he makes.

It is for these reasons that Humberto’s most recent post on social networks drew attention, where he showed part of the trip he undertook with his children through Europe, but did not have the company of Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter.

With the experience that having 68 years of life gives him and many anecdotes to tell, Humberto Zurita reflected on social networks about the teachings that this year 2022 gave him.

“This is a memory of the last days of 2022 with my children on an incredible and magical journey that has allowed us to share these last moments and close this chaotic year, but at the same time so full of reflections in the face of a pandemic. that left us irreparable losses and changes that made us value life; making it very clear that nothing is more valuable than being here and now, thanking and sharing the benefits of being alive with your loved ones. Nothing more important and valuable than showing love for family and friends. Nothing more important than giving thanks for continuing to be part of this mystery called life. Thank you for so much”


He commented on his Instagram account, accompanied by a picture of him, taken by one of his children, as he tagged him.

Following his words, Humberto did not hesitate to talk about the dreams that are had and come true. In this way, He did not offer any words to love, the one that returned to his being at the hands of Stephanie Salas.

“Thank you for this beautiful adventure where nature gives us its beauty and shows us that only nature can be above art. I ask (if I have that right) that human beings can live together in harmony and in equal circumstances, that poverty can take root and that there be more equity so that each human being can live with dignity and greatness, making each one of their dreams and longings are crowned with justice.”


To top it off, he asked that people work for what they want and wished the best in an effort to be happy.

“May your dreams come true and all human beings on this earth can live the miracle of life in fullness and harmony with their loved ones, seeing them fulfill the miracle of being alive in health. #I wish for every living being on this earth, that they are not cold, that they are not hungry and that they can be free and in each step they take they can make the decision to be happy and achieve their goals. I wish it from the bottom of my heart for every being on this earth. May this miracle called life be a right for all souls on earth.”


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