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Hugo Sánchez meets with the Cruz Azul board of directors and becomes a serious candidate to lead the team

Hugo Sánchez, former player and legend of Mexican soccer.

Photo: Eloisa Sanchez / Imago7

Hugo Sánchez met with the Cruz Azul board of directors and would be taken as a real option to sit on the bench of La Máquina. This would be the second meeting in recent weeks of the high command of the cement team with the pentapichichi to try to add him as the new technical director of the team that is experiencing low hours in the Clausura Tournament.

Raúl Erasto Gutiérrez was fired from Cruz Azul after some disastrous results from the team that has just one point as a result of a draw with four defeats that have buried them in position number 17. That is why from the upper echelons of the institution they expect a radical change that will allow the team to get out of the crisis in which it is submerged.

Víctor Manuel Velázquez, president of the Board of Directors of the Cruz Azul Cooperative, would have already had Hugo Sánchez in mind some time agowhich is why they met again today and he appears on the list as a strong candidate to lead the team.

But Sánchez is not the only candidate, the former Real Madrid soccer player joins a list of coaches with a great poster and the likes of Antonio Mohamed, José Manuel De la Torre, Jaime Lozano and Francisco Palencia. It remains to be seen who will be in charge of returning Cruz Azul to the place it deserves, or at least trying to, for which team announcements are expected in the coming days.

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