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Hugo Sánchez complains to David Faitelson for the arrival of Tuca Ferretti at Cruz Azul: “The promotion took effect”

Hugo Sánchez in his days as national coach.

Photo: Luis Acosta/AFP/Getty Images

Hugo Sanchez He was not very happy after the appointment of Tuca Ferretti as the new technical director of Cruz Azul and for that reason he threw a direct dart at David Faitelson, whom he accused of being the only one who knew the news for almost a week, he also congratulated him in a sarcastic tone for the good promotion he gave him from his spaces.

Despite the fact that Hugo Sánchez’s ego was clearly touched after the election of Ricardo Ferretti as the new coach of the cement team over him; the pentapichichi had words of praise for the brazilian coach who also has a recognized career in mexican footballsince which he has won seven trophies off the bench.

Congratulations to Faitelson, since it seems to me that he was the only one who knew the news of Tuca Ferretti as coach for Cruz Azul for a week“said Hugo Sánchez about the controversial communicator and the appointment of the 69-year-old coach.

He repeated it daily insistently until the echo ended up taking effect, good promotion, David“Reiterated the former Real Madrid player through the Futbol Picante program, which is broadcast on ESPN.

The choice of Cruz Azul seems good to me, it is a wise choice, we will only have to wait with time and the results if they were really right. It only remains to wish them luck“, he continued.

For his part, David Faitelson wanted to look good with Hugo Sánchez and highlighted the pressure that the Cruz Azul board of directors has, which is why, in his opinion, they chose between the two best options they had on the marketin addition to the fact that both Ferretti and Sánchez are experts in handling the pressure against.

Faced with this reality, Faitelson added that the board of directors will be able to say in case they fail, that they have tried the best, to which Hugo Sánchez replied: “The best according to them“.

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