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How was the American Way of Life born and what is it?

The well-known American Way of Life is more ingrained in cultures around the world than we realize. Far beyond a lifestyle, this vision permeates different spheres of human life, such as the economy, culture, beliefs, among others.

Although it has a relatively ancient origin, the American way of life caused such a huge cultural paradigm shift that it still influences the behavior of Western society, as we know it, to this day.

But how did the American way of life come to be and how did it take over the United States at the time and still influence the world today? Find out everything about the American Way of LIFE below!

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What is the American Way of Life?

We can understand that the American lifestyle is based on consumption, from an economic point of view, at first, but whose consequences have impacted the history and culture of the States, as well as their influence across the globe.

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According to the American Way of Life of Life, it is necessary to obtain goods and enjoy the best of this life, in terms of consumption, in order to be happy. As we turn our attention to what we can get with money, many of our aspirations shift toward financial success as well.

This lifestyle seeks to demonstrate that a full life is made of possessions, so that nothing is lacking. In addition to the basic needs that must be met with salary, health, and education, this way of thinking says that we can enjoy other things, such as clothing, travel, and consumer goods.

Today, with the emergence of social media, this further intensifies the American Way of Life.

How did the American Way of Life come about?

The American Way of Life is a direct historical response to massive industrialization, and consequent market growth, in the United States beginning in the late 19th centurybut intensified in the 20th century, in the context of the Depression and the Second World War.

Another historical period that only intensified the American way of life was the Cold War itself, where the United States and the Soviet Union disputed the supremacy of power, which ranged from the economic to the cultural sphere. It was a time when the propaganda of the American Way of Life prevailed in the world.

Who created the American Way of Life?

Regarded as the creator of the American Way of Life, then-President Roosevelt launched an economic plan to encourage companies, job offers, new jobs and boost consumption to lift the country after the 1929 stock market crash.

The stock market crash of 1929, which triggered the so-called “great depression”, a moment of economic recession that spread from the US to the world, can be seen as a precursor to the American Way of Life.

After all, it was this event that prompted President Roosevelt to launch the New Deal, which included all of his plans to restore the nation’s economy and the financial power of American citizens and businesses.

How is it related to the great depression?

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By understanding the origins of the American Way of Life, which is nearly a century old and remains strong in the Western mind, it is possible to understand why such a lifestyle is still an influence to this day. We live in a time where, despite the economic challenges, we are strongly encouraged to consume.

It permeates the collective mentality, mainly in American and European countries, which were part of the capitalist bloc in the Cold War, the notion that having more goods and consuming more are part of a desirable lifestyle. As long as we have social media, lots of advertising and a consumer culture, surely the American Way of Life will continue.

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