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How to write a column?

Writing a column can be an important skill to have. Above all, it can be useful for school but also for you who want to be able to write in general. It is simply about knowledge that can be useful to have. You always start by choosing a current topic to write about. After all, it is the basis of how to write a column and affects much more than you might think it should. It is about doing things the right way.

A typical column does not need to include any amount of text. It should be easy to read and preferably in a language that the reader can understand. However, it can be difficult to know which language to use as it must be adapted to the reader’s ability to absorb information.

A simple template for a column to follow:

  • Introduction (Where a background to the text is given or where you give the basis behind the text).
  • Body text (The content itself and should be the largest part of the column).
  • Conclusion (Summary of the column’s content and preferably with a conclusion).

After all, it is important in a column to write about things that can be worth reading, but that should also give the reader something. Your opinion about the current event or topic. After all, the goal of a column is to give the reader information about the topic and preferably provide the reader with your conclusion and what you think. The most important thing is that the column is easy to read and that the reader can easily absorb the information you want to provide. Because it’s something you really shouldn’t underestimate the value of. If instead the reader does not understand what you mean at all, it is a completely wasted column.

Write in a way that suits you

Follow the rules that exist but use a language that you think is appropriate. After all, it should be your personal opinion that is displayed. Because you should not underestimate how much it affects a column if it is written so that people want to read it.

Where can I publish my column?

Most Swedish newspapers receive debate articles and columns, both those written by professional writers but also from readers and companies. On ABC Nyheter you can publish columns, but also on perhaps more alternative sites such as Gaybladet.se if you are looking to reach a specific and niche group of readers.

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