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How to withdraw Bolsa Família at an ATM?

Bolsa Família, currently known as Ajuda Brasil, provides a card for the registered family, this card has your registration number in the program, its last digit is the NISS digit, this last number will be the date of your withdrawal, You will only be able to withdraw the money from the withdrawal date.

With the card in hand at the ATM, you will have to follow the steps on the screen, in some ATMs registered as a “social benefit”, the amount available in the account appears on the screen, from then on you can choose the amount to be withdrawn.

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What does Bolsa Familia mean?

A social program created in 1994 that was expanded and increased in 2003 as Bolsa Familia and currently serves the low-income social class under the name of Auxilio Brasil.

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Who is entitled to Bolsa Família?

For the selection of the Bolsa Familia currently known as Brazil Aid, you have to register in the CRAS region, classifying for the program if low income is found to 150 per family, as long as it has school-age children.

How can I withdraw Bolsa Família at an ATM?

The withdrawal can be made through electronic terminals with the correct date of your payment day, the withdrawal is quick and simple, the step by step is on the screen after inserting the card and selecting the “Social benefit” tab.

Withdrawing family allowance without a card

All you have to do is go to a CAIXA bank branch with a photo document in hand, the withdrawal is made directly at the cashier.

Is it possible to transfer the Bolsa Família to another account?

Through the Caixa Tem, PIX, Picpay app, in the form of payment or account transfer.

Can I withdraw Bolsa Família at the weekend?

From the correct date for withdrawal (with money in the account) it is possible to withdraw with a card directly at ATMs, lottery agencies and electronic transfers on any day of the week.

It is also necessary to pay attention that the registration where it was made must be updated from year to year, to guarantee the benefit, as well as any social change, the benefit serves more than 13 million people and provides telephone answering services through the federal savings bank with the number: 0800 726 0207 or by the Caixa SAC: 0800 726 0101 and by the Ministry of Social Development: 0800 707 2003.

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