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How to wear the dressing gown the right way – according to the viral clip

A TikTok video showing a new way to tie a dressing gown has become a hit on the platform. Here is the trick that gyour dressing gown even nicer!

Screenshot: TikTok @flamingo_1leg

Is there more than one way to tie a dressing gown? Yes actually! TikToker Mariana – who goes by the username @flamingo_1leg – has a trick she’s shared in a clip that has gone viral on the platform.

In the video, Mariana shows her own method of tying the dressing gown: instead of tying the band around the waist, she threads it over the stomach and through the loops, before tying it in the front – a method that should make the dressing gown fit even more comfortably.

“The only way I wear mine”

At the time of writing, Mariana’s video has roughly 964,000 views and over 21,000 likes. In the comments section, several users are positive about the simple trick:

“The only way I wear mine now. Thank you,” writes one person.

“It even looks better,” points out another.

However, some people believe that the traditional way of tying the dressing gown is better:

“I tried this on and it’s not tight enough around the back if I tie it like this, so it doesn’t feel right,” reads one comment.

Another person writes: “I did this but then I got really stressed out when I got too hot and couldn’t get it off fast enough.”

@flamingo_1leg It is sooo much more comfortable! #dressinggown #housecoat #mumsontiktok #flamingo1leg ♬ Baby Work It – Your Favorite Garçon

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