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How to wear boots in spring: all tips

This spring you’ll want to wear and abuse looks with boots. However, if you don’t know how to use them, let yourself be inspired by our suggestions.

If you’re one of those people who associate boots with cold days and thick knits, or if you’re about to keep them in the back of your closet, this article is for you. In order to spend this season in style, we bring you 5 suggestions for how to wear boots this spring.

Spring is the transition season between colder days and warmer days. But as you might find it difficult to match the pieces in your wardrobe with this type of footwear, we’ll help you combine fresher pieces with your favorite boots.

The most important thing is not to mix two seasons in one look, such as wearing your tall suede boots with your favorite denim skirt. The choice of pieces and materials is very important when creating your look.

But you don’t have to worry because we bring you everything you need to know to rock!

5 ways to wear boots this spring

The days are already milder and more flowery. The time has come to wear lighter and fresher clothes. However, and because the temperatures are still not very high and the nights are still cool, know that boots will be your best allies this season.

Practical, comfortable and full of style, you’ll be able to wear them on different occasions. But if you still have doubts about how to use them, check out our suggestions for how to wear boots this spring!

Are you tired of the cold days and wearing pants?

These milder days already call for cooler and lighter clothes. However, and as the days are still not warm enough to go out in sandals, why not combine dresses with boots or ankle boots?

If in winter you used and abused darker tones, this Spring preferably use lighter tones, like brown.

During the day, wear floral and patterned dresses with flat ankle boots or style boots cowboy in suede.

Tip: at night, opt for more discreet dresses with high-heeled boots or ankle boots. If, for example, you have a pair of snake-print boots and you don’t know how to wear them, a simple, monochrome dress will be perfect.

Jeans are one of the most practical and easy to wear garments. Who doesn’t use and abuse this timeless piece?

But if in the warmer seasons you tend to wear lighter denim, you’ll want the boots to harmonize with the look.

Skip the knee boots and opt for short boots or ankle boots. Give preference to jeans with the cut to the beginning of the boot. In this way, you will create the illusion of having longer legs, also highlighting your boots. The pants skinny are ideal for achieving this look.

If your pants are too long, tuck them inside your boots or give them a little tuck.

Tip: for a relaxed look – and if you prefer to wear oversized or flared jeans -, ankle boots with heels are ideal for creating an elegant and chic look.

You are wrong if you think that shorter skirts and shorts are just for vacations and days at the beach.

During the day, if you choose denim skirts or shorts, combine them with a linen shirt oversize, for example. Finish your look with heel or mid-calf boots. To get a more visual cooladd some accessories like jewelry and a colorful scarf.

For a night out, wear a short skirt with your black knee high heeled boots.

Tip: for a balanced look, when wearing printed skirts or shorts, opt for unpatterned or monochromatic tops, and complement them with suede ankle boots in a neutral tone – like nude or camel.


Long skirts and dresses

To achieve a more elegant look, elongate your figure with heeled ankle boots.

Another option that is also comfortable and more casual is to wear flat ankle boots with laces. Achieve a more romantic look by contrasting it with a floral dress or skirt.

Tip: if you like basic looks, but want to look elegant for everyday life, when wearing dresses or long skirts with boots, opt for pieces that accentuate your waist and whose length doesn’t cover the boots (it might even show a little of the leg).

To go to work, combine your most formal trousers with high-heeled boots. With long suit pants and a blazer, wear your classic black boots. If the pants have a shorter cut, ankle boots will be ideal.

On rest days, swap out your more formal pants for pants made from cooler materials, such as linen or the jeans. Then, the ideal is to combine them with boots in lighter tones.

Tips: on a date with friends, or at a dinner for two, match your favorite boots or ankle boots with pantaloons or bell bottom pants.

Now that you know our tips on how to wear boots this spring, you won’t want to get rid of them any time soon.

Adapt your cooler wardrobe to this type of footwear and rock the flower season. You will live it in style!

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