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How to use your wallet to attract money, according to Feng Shui

Most people use a wallet or purse to keep money, for this reason, did you know that it is in tune with the energy of prosperity? According to Feng Shui it is possible to turn this simple object into a powerful amulet so that we never lack abundance.

Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy that helps us optimize the energy of things and spaces. Using some of its simple precepts we can achieve that the wallet is an attractant of the vibration of money.

This object, in addition to being where the money that will be invested to acquire things and services rests, has a personal synchrony since it is always close to us and it is also where we usually place our identifications.

Here are some tips to attract money with your portfolioaccording to Feng Shui.

Check the status of your wallet

You must ask yourself if your wallet connects you with abundance or scarcity. If it is broken, very old or worn, it sends you a message of poverty and it will hardly be synchronized with the energy of money.

If, on the contrary, it looks good, cared for, shiny and almost new, it will connect with the energy of abundance.

The ideal color of the portfolio, according to Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui there are 3 colors directly related to the energy of abundance: red, gold and violet. It does not mean that your wallet must be totally of those tones, it must only have a reference to them. However, shades like blacks and browns are also recommended.

The order of the wallet

Saving consumption tickets causes the energy of money to stagnate and is associated with chaos. A useful advice is to empty everything that is in it and separate what is useless, occupied or expired cards.

Create a personal money symbol

It is about creating your personal amulet to attract money. According to what was said by the Feng Shui consultant, Susana Amorín, on her YouTube channel Tu Hogar Feng Shui is carried out as follows:

Choose a small object that fits in your wallet such as a lucky Chinese coin, a piece of quartz, or write a positive affirmation on a piece of paper. Take that object with both hands and focus on its energy. Visualize that you have fullness and abundance, then look at the object you have in your hands and say: “I am abundant and I deserve abundance.” Do not forget to always carry this object in your wallet.

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