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How to use the law of attraction to have more money: 3 easy steps

If you have ever heard that thoughts are so powerful that they can turn what we repeat so often into reality, it is the law of attraction. Many believe that if properly applied we can get what we wantFor example, have more money.

The law of attraction speaks of the power of the mind and thoughts, seen as units of energy, to influence our lives. The way it works is relatively simple, if you focus your mental energy towards a certain goal, sooner or later the universe will return it to you, that’s why it’s important that most of our thoughts are positive.

The interesting thing about this law is that it can be used to attract whatever you want, the mind is the limit. However, not everyone applies it correctly, which is why they do not have good results. The Angel Manifest site explained in an article that insecurity, low self-esteem, lack of inspiration and pessimistic ideas are the first obstacles to overcome.

He added that money is a type of energy that is in the universe, it is enough to tune our frequency so that it begins to flow towards us. How to do it? He offered 3 steps to use the law of attraction with money.

1. Identify the obstacles that stand in the way of your financial success

This step is an examination of conscience that consists of recognizing what we are afraid of when it comes to money. He suggests taking a moment to relax and meditate, then imagine that you have a lot of money on your hands.

Visualize that you have enough and more to pay and buy any kind of thing or settle all your debts. The goal is to analyze at what point you are afraid of running out of that money or think that people will only approach you to borrow.

2. Write down on a piece of paper the bad ideas associated with money

You will have discovered many negative things. Write each one and in front write a positive one. For example, “I don’t know what to spend it on” and “I know what to spend it on perfectly”. You must repeat this exercise daily, the objective is to train your mind to channel each negative thought into a positive one.

3. Set a goal

When you think that your mind is focused mostly on the positive aspects, establish a clear and concise objective, for example, the amount of money you want to attract and a method to earn it. This must be genuine and positive. Start with a reasonably achievable amount right now and increase your goals each time.

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