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How to use the egg to clear bad energy

Clean it with an egg to eliminate bad energy It is one of the most popular rituals for its ease and effectiveness.. This rite has been transmitted for generations and it is precisely the elderly who realize its powerful results.

The egg has a spiritual meaning associated with the beginning of life and fertility. For Christians, for example, the Easter egg symbolizes the resurrection of Christ and the hope of a new life.

In this sense, the energetic powers of the egg They help us absorb curses, negative thoughts, grief, spells and all kinds of bad energy. that charges our aura or spirit to be “reborn” in a state of light and shine.

When to clean with an egg?

There is no necessary period of time to do this ritual yourself, the most recommended, according to experts from the AmarresyHechizos.net site, is every time you feel exhaustion and fatigue, general malaise, if you lose your job or have unexpected expenses, there are family conflicts , you present nightmares, insomnia or unexpected accidents, as well as suspicions of the evil eye or your paths seem blocked.

How to use the egg to eliminate bad energy?

Before you begin you must gather the materials, in addition to the fresh egg, you will need a white candle, a crystal glass with water and a pinch of sea salt.

If you want better results, do this ritual in a quiet place, when nobody bothers you and at night.

Light the white candle and take the egg with your right hand. Make small circles from head to toe without touching your skin; do not exclude any part of your body, do it calmly to avoid breaking it. Now open the egg and place it in the glass with water and salt. Throw the peel in the trash.

By this point, the egg will have already removed all the bad energies from your aura and they will have been neutralized in the glass with water and salt.

At the end, say an Our Father, Hail Mary, or any prayer you desire. We suggest this egg prayer to make your ritual more powerful:

“I ask our Lord, through Saint Michael the Archangel, to eliminate the negative within me. I ask that the paths be opened, that bad energies be absorbed by this egg, that evil desires, envy, obstacles and problems of daily life disappear. May it be so in the name of our Lord, Amen.”

It is recommended to do this prayer for 7 days in a rowfrom the date of the ritual, so that the cleaning is more effective.

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