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How to use purple-pink in decor: tips, photos

Annually, the company Pantone elects a color that is actually a shade of a certain color to represent the year. In 2013, emerald green reigned. In this year of 2014, the Pantone chose the purple-pinkcalled by her Radiant Orchid (18-3224). Delicate and cheerful, the tone that oscillates between pink and purple, according to the company, is enigmatic and instigates the imagination. We will certainly see windows full of clothes in this color throughout the year. Those who like to constantly change their decor can also enjoy and use the Radiant Orchid to brighten up the surroundings. see some tips for using purplish pink in decoration🇧🇷

Color of the year, chosen by Pantone, is purple-pink (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

THE Radiant Orchid it is not, let’s say, an easy color to be combined. For those who prefer not to risk it, changing the neutral for flashy colors, it may not be the best option. However, those who like to dare in decoration can combine it with other striking colors, such as forest green, blue-green, olive green, turquoise blue and in the most subtle shades of yellow. A little red can also be used, but with points of neutral color or the colors mentioned above. Take a look at the image below and see how well the blue and red went with the purplish-pink.

The color goes well with blue and some other strong tones (Photo: Disclosure)

However, if your home already has a neutral decoration, but you want to change it a little, giving it touches of different color, just choose a few decorative objects in purplish-pink color (small or large) or even flowers, because in this way the color of the year is used, but without drastically modifying the decoration.

In the image below, for example, residents opted for color of the year 2014 only in some points of the decoration: the image of the painting, the chair and the flowers, and the rest continued in neutral tones.

Just a few purplish-pink objects already give the decor a new look (Photo: Disclosure)

you can also decorate with Radiant Orchid, following variant tones of it. The purplish pink can be combined with different shades of pink or purple, from the lightest to the darkest or vibrant. Be careful, however, that the environments are not overloaded. It is always useful and interesting to intersperse neutral and subtle colors with striking tones. White or cream, for example, make environments lighter.

You don’t want to change the decor too much, but you want to use the color of the year, even though? No problems. How about renovating your glasses and bowls, for example, beautifully decorating the table? See in our gallery an image that exemplifies this, as well as others that can inspire your new decor!

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