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How to use plants in every room in the house

Learn it how to use plants in every room in the house in the appropriate way with the right plant, to make the environments even more pleasant. Contrary to what many think that plants should only be used in outdoor landscaping, they are wrong. It is also possible to play and decorate the internal environments of houses and apartments.

How to use plants in every room in the house (Illustrative Image)

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What this article covers:

How to use plants in every room in the house

For landscaping lovers, it is very pleasant to decorate the house with plants. But, not all types are ideal for indoor environments. Some care must be taken in choosing the correct plant for each room.

Thinking about it, we separate some tips for you to know how to use plants in every room in the house. Let’s check!

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Plant tips for your home

Plants bring charm to rooms and brighten up the house (Illustrative Image)


Jasmine is indicated to compose the bedroom as it helps in sleep (Illustrative Image)

The bedroom is a very personal and specific room. It is usually the place where people like the house the most. A plant tip is Jasmine, as its light perfume helps to maintain a calm sleep and also helps in combating anxiety. Its aroma will leave your room with a wonderful smell and will still help you to have a great night’s sleep.

It is necessary to place the jasmine in a humid and cool place, if the room is very dry, it is advisable to use an air humidifier.


Did you know that you can also use plants in the bathroom? We advise the use of banana-de-macaco or imbé. She is an odor neutralizer and also helps purify the air. This type of plant loves a humid place with indirect light. It is necessary to water once a week.

A lot of attention to this type of plant because it has toxic properties, if you have children at home, it is not advisable.

Living room

The boa constrictor is an easy to care for plant (Illustrative Image)

The living room should be cozy and also deserves a special touch with a plant. The python can fall super well, as it can grow up to three meters and is an easy plant to grow. It is recommended to place the plant near the window. It is important to keep the soil of the boa constrictor always moist.


Lilies or orchids are an excellent option for the office (Illustrative Image)

Who hasn’t heard of peace lilies? It is a beautiful plant that does not require much care. It only needs to be watered once a week. This type of plant makes the environment cheerful and even more beautiful. You need to leave it in a place that doesn’t get much sunlight. These flowers will decorate your office and make your corner even more special. Or, you can opt for orchids that are also wonderful and can be found in various colors.

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You can use plants in every room of your house or apartment (Illustrative Image)

The plants make the environments much more beautiful and bring life to the house. You can ask for help in specialized stores and they can indicate more options for you to learn how to use plants in every room of the house.

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