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How to use Pix on Nubank?

Want to Pix on Nubank but don’t know how? Pix has come and gone, as it is currently the most widely used form of payment. There are many Brazilians who carry out their bank transactions, whether paying or receiving, also because transfers here are instantaneous.

As much as it is an accessible way to carry out transactions in all banks, the way to use it can vary from one bank to another, from application to application. That way, here you’ll find out how to use Pix on Nubank.

What this article covers:

What is Nubank?

Nubank’s main purpose is to give people back control of their financial life. In it, freedom is a striking feature, as there are digital products, tariffs that are not abusive and zero bureaucracy. At Nubank you control your money in a very simple way.

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Nubank is a digital bank that has this proposal described above, where it caught the attention of many when they had their first contact with it. In this way, it grows every day more in the market, as it is not just a place where we create an account and put money, but it is an institution that helps its customers to take back control of their financial lives.

How to transfer Pix?

Making Pix transfers on Nubank works very simply. You can perform this operation through the application that you already use normally. Just follow the steps below:

  • Access your Pix area on Nubank, right on the app’s home screen;
  • Among all the options, select the “transfer” option;
  • Now is the time to inform the amount that must be sent to another person;
  • Select the type of Pix key and enter the key data,
  • Check that the data are all correct, and if you wish, you can also put a message specifying what the transferred value is about;
  • Enter your four-digit password, and you’re done. Transfer completed successfully through Pix on Nubank.

If you prefer, you can share the transfer receipt via WhatsApp or email.

How to register Pix keys through Nubank?

Register a Pix key on Nubank it is not mandatory, but by doing so, the ease and agility in the process of making transfers through this means grows considerably.

How to register Pix keys through Nubank

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How to register the Pix key on Nubank:

  • In the application, go to the “PIX” part, and select the option “access my Pix area”;
  • Go to “my keys” and then “register key”;
  • Select the keys you will register, if you choose the cell phone or email options, if it is necessary to enter a code sent to authenticate the registration process.
  • And ready! Your key registration will be sent to the Central Bank.

You can register four types of Pix key at Nubank: CPF or CNPJ; cell phone number; Email; or what is known as the “Random key” – which is a sequence of numbers and letters generated by the Pix system, in the app.

How to put money on Pix Nubank?

You don’t put money in Pix, as it is a means of payment, so money must be put into your own account.

Pix is ​​today the most used payment method. Whether formally or informally, many have adapted to it due to its ease of use, as the transfer takes place instantly.

Some still find it difficult to use this tool, but with practice, it is possible to see that it is not that difficult, on the contrary, using Pix, especially Pix on Nubank, is very easy.

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