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how to use money efficiently?

The 13th salary serves as a Christmas bonus for the formal worker who contributed throughout the year. It is paid at the end of November, and can be paid in full or divided into two installments.

For many formal workers, the 13th salary can even be a relief to pay off debts so they can focus on Christmas dinner with the family.

The National Confederation of Commerce (CNC) points out that the extra money should inject R$ 222.8 billion into the country’s economy, the highest amount in the last nine years.

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Here are some smart ways to deal with your 13th salary:

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settle the debts

In case you are on overdraft or paying the financing installments, it is recommended that the 13th salary be used to settle these debts. If this is not possible, it is recommended to start with the accounts that charge the highest interest and negotiate with the appropriate institutions.

Reserve money for the beginning of the year

It is also possible to reserve the 13th to pay bills at the beginning of the year such as IPTU, IPVA, and even children’s school supplies! With this attitude, it is possible to start the 2022 budget with a certain slack.

Know some tips

Check out some more important tips on the subject:


With extra money in your pocket, you can make a list of future recipients and spend the 13th accordingly, without going overboard. If possible, look for holiday sales to avoid even more high-end expenses.

emergency reserve

As the name itself suggests, an emergency reserve is essential for emergency cases. Unplanned situations such as the loss of a job, unforeseen family circumstances or even accidents, make it essential that the reserve has an amount equivalent to at least six months of your fixed monthly expenses.

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