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How to use light fixtures in decoration

To use lighting fixtures in decoration It’s a trend that’s here to stay, at least for the next few months. These pieces are charming and modern, so they make the decor much more stylish. Read the article to find out about some lamp models and see tips for making the right choice.

The luminaire contributes to the decoration of the environment.  (Photo: Playback/owes)

The luminaire contributes to the decoration of the environment. (Photo: Playback/owes)

In decoration stores, you can find several options for pendant lamps. Some models are classic, such as the chandelier, which gives the room a more refined look. Others bet on different shapes and vibrant colors, adding an unpretentious touch to the decorated environment.

What this article covers:

Lighting models and prices

The World of Tribes separated some lamp models and their respective prices. Check out:

copper pendant lamp

  (Photo: Reproduction/Americanas)

(Photo: Reproduction/Americanas)

The copper pendant light is a sophisticated and modern choice for home decor. With a height of 35 cm, it can be installed in any environment, in order to make the atmosphere of the space more elegant. At Americanas.com, the price is BRL 2,199.99, but this amount can be paid in 10 interest-free installments.

acrylic crystal chandelier

  (Photo: Reproduction/Mobly)

(Photo: Reproduction/Mobly)

The acrylic crystal chandelier imitates the exuberance of the real crystal chandelier, but it has a much lower price. Beautiful and full of character, it can be used to brighten up the living room or dining room. In the Mobly virtual store, the price is 149.90.

  (Photo: Reproduction/Mobly)

(Photo: Reproduction/Mobly)

Are you looking for a good lamp to install over the kitchen countertop? Then bet on this model from Pantoja&Carmona, which has two lamps in the structure and a modern design in vibrant yellow. At Mobly, the price is R$ 439.99.

red table lamp

  (Photo: Reproduction/Etna)

(Photo: Reproduction/Etna)

The house does not necessarily need to be decorated with a pendant lamp, it can also have a table model. This piece is great to place on the work table in your home office. The price at the Etna store is R$ 89.99.

Tips for using light fixtures in decoration

Your home decor can undergo a real transformation with light fixtures. Check out some tips for using these pieces:

• The living room is the main living area in the house, which is why it combines with an imposing chandelier.

• Try to harmonize the predominant style in the environment with the luminaire model. If the decoration is modern and relaxed, for example, the ideal is to bet on a piece with a different design.

There are thousands of lamp models.  (Photo: Reproduction/cuckoo4design)

There are thousands of lamp models. (Photo: Reproduction/cuckoo4design)

• Places that demand concentration and visibility, such as the kitchen, bathroom and home office, ask for a cold light lamp🇧🇷

• For rest environments, such as the bedroom, the ideal is to use lamps with yellow bulbsas they favor relaxation.

What’s up? did you like the lighting tips for home decor🇧🇷 Leave a comment. If you have any questions, please comment as well.

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