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How to use Instagram to post to other networks

Did you know that the images, videos and even the stories you publish on Instagram can be published simultaneously on other social networks where you are active?

O Instagram is part of the group of the most popular and most active social networks today. But as good internet users that we are, it will hardly be the only one where we are active and have an account.

And, if we are users of several social networks at the same time, it is likely that the content we publish on one or more of these networks will often be repeated.

It is important to customize and adapt our content with a title or caption appropriate to the environment of each network, but when it comes to publishing just an image or a video, or even a story (Storie), which are contents that speak for themselves , the simultaneous publication on different networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, comes in handy.

Program Instagram to post to other networks

Instagram facilitates communication with other social networks, especially with Facebook and WhatsApp, since they are part of the same big company, Meta, but also with networks like Twitter, Tumblr or Snapchat. The accounts you can share posts with may depend on your type of Instagram account and also on the country you are in.

Being able to share content natively, without having to leave the application, allows the Instagram user to publish the content created on Instagram also on other social networks without having to repeat this publication operation on other networks. For this you have two possible sharing options.

First option: authorize Instagram to communicate with your other accounts

How to make?

Open Instagram and go to your profile.

Tap your profile icon and look for >Settings (or Settings or >Settings in English)

Choose >Account and >Post to other apps (>Share to other apps).

Choose the application where you want to share from the list that appears available to you.

enter your login to authorize the connection with your Instagram. If it is from Meta, this account will already appear identified as yours. You can do this for more than one social network where you have an account and that appears on the list as available.

Second option: during publication, mark which networks your post goes to

How to make?

Open Instagram and select the + sign and choose Publish.

Select an image, video or use the camera to take a photo or film.

Go ahead, apply the filters and the text you want and, on the last screen, you will see the list of social networks available to publish your post. In this list are the applications that you have already authorized to communicate with Instagram, but also those that you have not authorized.

Choose the ones that interest you for that specific publication. If you have not previously authorized that network to communicate with Instagram (the process described in the First option) you will have to do so at that time. But if you have already done so, just click OK and your publication will appear simultaneously on the networks already in communication with your Instagram.

Instagram and Facebook: automatic publishing

As Facebook and Instagram are part of the same company, you can access > Advanced settings (>Advanced settings) within the new post’s menu, so that sharing becomes automatic.

This privileged relationship with Facebook also allows that when the Instagram user shares a Story (Story) it can also be displayed as a Story at the top of the Facebook News Feed if they choose to do so.

Instagram is already assumed not as an exclusive application for sharing photos, but as an application for creating videos and exchanging visual messages. The creation of resources such as Stories or Reels contributed to this. In this bet on entertainment, only the last and final step is missing: offering native communication with the great competitor TikTok.

Instagram does not yet have the possibility to share your posts directly in the Chinese application, but the Reels concept brought them closer than ever so the Chinese application already provides a native link to Instagram.

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