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How to use graphite in home decor

Do you know how to use graphite in home decoršŸ‡§šŸ‡· Graffiti emerged as a form of expression in the 1960s and shortly afterwards became common on the walls of ghettos in the United States, taking on ever-increasing proportions. Graffiti and its techniques are now an option for those who want to decorate their homes in a creative and cool way. In addition to making the look interesting, this art shows a little of the identity of the residents.

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How to use graffiti in home decor – There are several ways to use graffiti in home decor (Photo: Disclosure)

Graffiti now integrates modern and bold decorations. It is worth having the drawings made directly on the wall or even on canvas, such as paintings. Although the technique has already become a trend in the decoration of different environments in the house, it is in the children’s bedroom where the art gains more enthusiasts.

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Graffiti can be used in any part of the house (Photo: Disclosure)

Graffiti is artistic and handmade so it has a greater value. In addition, it is more durable compared to wallpaper, as the designs do not need retouching, do not tear or degrade. The artist’s work can cost between R$ 700 and R$ 5 thousand, it depends a lot on the chosen image.

The BBB already had graffiti decoration in the gym (Photo: Disclosure)

Another advantage of graffiti is that, most of the time, the painting does not harm the residents, who can continue to circulate normally around the house ā€“ only the very large figures made with spray paint cause an odor and it is only possible to remain in the place with a breathing mask. Jobs don’t usually take a long time. Depending on the image you choose, it can take anywhere from one to three days.

How to use graphite in home decoršŸ‡§šŸ‡· The common living areas, such as living rooms and halls, generally gain colder colors and pastel tones. The place where the resident receives friends for barbecue or listening to music can gain more relaxed designs to compose the environment. And the little ones’ dorm can get drawings of princesses, superheroes, Hello Kitty or whatever else the kids want.

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Graffiti can follow several styles (Photo: Disclosure)

Designs can be suggested by artists or even the internet can serve as a source of inspiration. When making this decoration, it is important that the artist or the owner of the house cover the floor with a cardboard mat, in addition to protecting the furniture with a plastic tarp. To prevent the corners of the wall from being damaged, rolls of brown paper can be used.

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graffiti in home decor pictures

How to use graphite in home decoršŸ‡§šŸ‡· See photos below to get inspired and understand how this stripped-down art works inside homes:

Graffiti can follow the style of the house piece or vice versa. When choosing a design, it’s nice to be inspired by something that means something important to you or that inspires your everyday life, for example.

Graffiti in home decor

Graffiti can accompany different ages, tastes and preferences.

Graffiti in home decor

It’s a great decorating idea for dorms or university apartments.

Graffiti in home decor

The art made of graffiti indoors can be abstract (Photo: Disclosure)

Graffiti in home decor

Well-crafted designs in children’s rooms encourage the imagination and can be a great way to differentiate the outcome of the room’s decor.

Graffiti in home decor

The graffiti can have a dimension that even reaches the ceiling of the house and ā€œsplashesā€ its frame through several corners of the piece

Graffiti in home decor

Graffiti can encompass the creativity and imagination of the artist and the person who will own the room.

Graffiti in home decor

There are many types of graffiti art, you can choose from a range of styles for your home.

Graffiti in home decor

Often the drawing does not even look like graffiti, but a painting. In this photo there is a mixture of photo and abstract art.

Graffiti in home decor

The decoration can also be phrases or geometric designs as in the photo.

Graffiti in home decor

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