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How to use driftwood in decoration

The use of trunks in decoration has been recurrent. In their rustic form or customized in a personalized way, they are great options to decorate in a cozy, original way and with a touch of elegance. In addition, the trunks are a way of reusing natural elements, remembering that the idea here is sustainability, that is, the trunks can be found in nature (already discarded) or from reforestation. Look how to use driftwood in decoration🇧🇷

Table made with trunks, mixed with modern decor (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Ideas for using driftwood in decoration

There are many ideas for using driftwood in decoration🇧🇷 In the image above, for example, we see a modern room, with furniture in a futuristic style, mixed with a small table, made with trunks. In this case, the object must be ground to its base and varnished. Clear, matte and water-based varnish can be used.

Log stools are also charming and easy to make. They can be used in any room in the house. The other decor elements can be equally rustic or modern. In the latter case, the place is decorated in a rustic chic style.

Ideas for decorating with logs (Photo: Disclosure)

A tip is to ask the carpenter to remove the core from the trunk, transforming it into a decorative vase, as seen in the image above. In a simpler way, you can also create a landscape design, using trunks in the garden🇧🇷 You can cut the piece, forming “cookies” with them and using them as garden pegs. It is also possible to cut the trunk, transforming it into a huge planter.

Do it yourself – trunks in decoration

Smaller logs and small sticks can make a beautiful coffee table (image, below). For this work, a black MDF wooden cube was used. The sticks and log crackers small ones were glued to the box with silicone glue. At the end of the project, the table can be varnished.

Easy-level ideas for creating decorative objects with logs (Photo: Disclosure)

stools and trunk tables are even better, with the use of feet or wheels. Just buy them and attach them to the wood, using screws and a drill.

In a fun way, you can paint wooden logs, decorating indoor or outdoor environments. In the image above, we see small trunks with a colored accent, used in the garden. Next to it, we see log wafers, interestingly painted and used to decorate a wall.

Tip: when using logs in decoration, it can be varnished, so that they are protected and resist longer. This also helps to ward off insects. The matte and transparent varnish maintains the natural characteristics of the wood. If you prefer a different decorative object, try painting them entirely using colored paint.

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