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How to use credit card on zoom?

Do you know how to use your credit card on Zoom? If not, follow the article!

Zoom is a platform dedicated to comparing prices and awarding cashbacks to purchases made on the platform using its parameters, but it can end up causing some confusion when using it, so in this article we will try to help and give tips on payments made on the platform .

The credit card is an almost indispensable item to buy online, the absolute leader among the population when it comes to the subject. We will cover how to pay on the platform and how to use your credit card on Zoom.

What this article covers:

What is Zoom and what is it for?

Zoom is a price comparison platform, where you can search for a product you want to buy, or that you want to know its market value and the platform will do all the work. Zoom will look for the product on several sites, catalog and show its price and even issue a history of price fluctuations within a period.

What is Zoom and what is it for

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But not only that. Zoom also has a very inviting method of rewarding people who make use of the website, the famous cashback. Cashback means getting your money back, which in practice is receiving at least a portion of the amount you spent.

That is, while you use the Zoom platform to check prices for a particular product, when you buy in stores using the platform you will also receive a cashback percentage of the total value of the product.

You save twice! That’s why it’s extremely important that you learn all the payment methods on the platform and how to use your credit card on Zoom.

What are Zoom’s payment methods?

Zoom accepts several forms of payment, including credit card. Let’s see what they are:

  • bills
  • PIX
  • Debit card
  • Credit card

All of these payment methods are accepted by Zoom and partner stores, and although the credit card is the most common, Zoom also normally awards cashback to all payment methods.

Paying with your credit card on Zoom is really easy. First you must search the website for the product you want. The site will offer numerous links and options. After that, you must choose the option that you like the most, go to the product store and make the purchase there.

How to Pay with a Credit Card on Zoom

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Do not worry! Zoom will recognize your purchase through information that the store where you bought it will inform you to receive a cashback percentage back.

How to change zoom payment method to credit card?

To change the payment method, just enter the store indicated by the Zoom application and enter the method you want there. If you want to use your credit card on Zoom, just change it at the time of purchase.

How does the Zoom discount work?

After paying using your credit card on Zoom, or any payment method, the money will revert to your virtual wallet. You can also send your cashback directly to a bank account, just register your account with Zoom.

It is necessary to inform you that Zoom’s Cashback is available in the application from about 30 days, so you can rest assured during this period that Zoom will return your percentage in cash.

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