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How to use clove to attract money and prosperity

Clove is one of the most used spices in rituals for its energetic or spiritual properties. It is very powerful to eliminate negative energies and attract prosperitymaking it one of the magic tools for money.

The clove or nail tree, where this plant comes from, is native to India. For centuries it has been used for gastronomic purposes, in addition, there is a record of its use in ceremonies or rites in various ancient cultures of the world.

Clove was thought to be powerful for ward off evil spirits or ghosts that haunted sick people, as explained by the site Soy Espiritual. For this reason, over the years popular wisdom has associated its properties with protection.

Evil creatures, now called negative energy, can be purified with clove and although it has many applications in the world of esotericism, it is very common in money rituals.

Next, we explain how to use cloves to attract prosperity.

Amulet with cloves for money

This ritual is very simple and serves to attract money when you need it most. According to the Esoteric Clinic site, it consists solely of place a few cloves on a white cloth (a handkerchief or napkin) and wrap it.

Before going to sleep, take the amulet, think about how you can improve your economic situation and place it under your pillow. You are likely to find the answer in your dreams.

Ritual with cloves for abundance

For this ritual we will use 1 seven day candle, 7 coffee beans and 7 cloves. He lights the candle and requests the help of the archangels Michael and Uriel. He mixes the coffee beans and cloves in a bowl. He now repeats “From abundance I want closeness, now I invoke the touch of prosperity, because this is my right, so be it!”. He leaves the container next to the candle until it is finished.

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