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How to use cinnamon to clean the house of bad energy

One of the most powerful plants to remove bad energy from the house is cinnamon. It is an ingredient widely used in the kitchen that, for energetic effects, is usually used in various rituals.

For many years, this spice has been used to ward off evil spirits and attract positive energy. Your vibrational frequency aligns with success, love and luck.so it promotes prosperity in the home.

There is a great variety of rituals that use cinnamon as the main element, for example, it is said that if you sprinkle cinnamon on your shoes You will attract good luck especially in the workplace.

Another simple ritual is tie a twig to the front door of the house to keep it protected from negative influences.

Now, if what you want is to use it as an energy cleaner for the home, there are a variety of very simple rituals.

How to energetically clean the house with cinnamon?

Take a cinnamon stick and burn it. The smoke that emanates will purify the environments and make stagnant energy flow correctly. If you do this ritual, open windows and doors to allow air currents to help clean the house.

Add cinnamon to water to clean the house. When you do your cleaning, add a couple of twigs or 3 tablespoons of cinnamon powder to the container where you rinse jars and rags. Then clean floors, windows, doors and furniture, so you not only remove the bad vibe from the environment, but also remove it from the things that could keep it.

Light cinnamon incense. This simple ritual will spiritually purify your home and foster a positive environment. It is recommended to do it when you move furniture or get rid of things that you will no longer use at home because they are old or broken.

Boil cinnamon in water. Whether ground or stick, boiling cinnamon in water and letting the scented steam waft through your home is one of the simplest ways to do a spiritual cleansing with cinnamon. You can do it once a week to keep your house purified.

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