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How to use candles in your home decor

Use candles in your home decor it is a powerful strategy to create a romantic atmosphere in environments. Residential lighting becomes warm, beautiful and inviting. Read the article and see some foolproof tips.

Candles in glass jars. (Photo: Reproduction/Favim)

Candles, with or without scents, are pieces that contribute a lot to decoration, especially when it comes to a special occasion. You can use them to create points of indirect light on the table for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, or even for Christmas dinner.

What this article covers:

How to use candles in your home decor?

THE home decor with candles doesn’t just value these paraffin ornaments. It is also possible to create compositions with recyclable packaging, flowers, cages, chandeliers and decorative objects.

We share some ideas from how to use candles in your home decor🇧🇷 Check out:

Candles in candelabra and candlesticks

Anyone who wants to create a traditional decoration with candles should bet on the use of candelabras and candlesticks. These supports can be placed in different places around the house, including in the center of the dining table or on the sideboard in the entrance hall. The result will always be a classic and elegant environment.

Candles in candelabra and candlesticks.  (Photo: Reproduction/Hercampus)

Candles in candelabras and candlesticks. (Photo: Reproduction/Hercampus)

The glass jar, which serves as a container for tomato sauce or preserves, normally goes to waste. You can, however, reuse this item by turning it into a candle holder.

Take the clear glass pot, pour water and place a floating candle. Then tie a piece of straw together to give the ornament a rustic look. Now just use this piece to decorate the house.

Do you want to leave a corner of your home super charming and romantic? Then provide a tray with a flower arrangement and candles. You can also include other decorative items, such as pine cones, dried leaves, and even a vase. Be creative!

Candles contribute to home decor.  (Photo: Reproduction/Bedbathntable)

Candles contribute to home decor. (Photo: Reproduction/Bedbathntable)

Glasses, vases and cups that are never used can turn into charming candle holders. Use these items and group them at strategic points around the house, such as the sideboard in the living room. Light the candles for a special occasion or simply to create a relaxed mood.

candles in cages

The use of cages in decoration is a trend that has come to set. The proposal is to leave the house with a vintage look, through a beautiful bird cage. Instead of leaving the object empty, place one or more candles to decorate.

Candles in cages.  (Photo: Reproduction/Littlemisskate)

Candles in cages. (Photo: Reproduction/Littlemisskate)

There are many others ideas for decorating the house with candles🇧🇷 It is possible to create compositions with fabric coating, stones, luminous lanterns, among other items.

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