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How to use books in decoration

How to use books in decoration? This is an easy question for anyone who is in the habit of reading a lot. Those addicted to a good book know very well how easy it is to accumulate books. And they also know how difficult it is sometimes to find more space inside the house to store them. However, using the specimens to help decorate the living room and bedroom environments, for example, can be a good choice and still leave the house or apartment with a smart look.

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How to use books in decoration

Books can serve as a base for a coffee table (Illustrative Photo)

The first step is to organize the entire library. Separate the books available by size, color, hard or soft cover, among other criteria that may be useful when starting the decoration. At this time, it is interesting to also select the books that can be donated. Many don’t need to be stuck indoors if they are no longer useful in their day to day life or soon to be.
Then, start cleaning the books gently, as they will be more exposed, they need to be properly sanitized, without stains or signs of storage. This helps to give the decoration a better look and also to preserve the books that were acquired with so much care.

starting decoration

On the wall, the specimens can be used as shelves (Illustrative Photo)

Choose the room in the house you want to decorate with books and also the best corner. Remember that books are sensitive to a lot of sunlight and also cannot suffer from humidity. Otherwise, they can be easily damaged.

With a large glass, or a wooden board, the books can serve as a base for a table with a jovial style, and quite flexible, being able to adjust the height, the size of the base, and even, some empty spaces between the books to place magazines and other objects. This is the easiest and most practical possibility of how to use books in decoration.

Learn to decorate rooms

There are furniture that facilitate the decoration with space to store the books (Illustrative Photo)

Alternatives to how to use books in decoration

If you have a lamp with a lampshade, one of those without a base, to be mounted, books can also serve as a support and become a beautiful heart object for the bedroom or office, for example. But nothing prevents a lamp of this type from being placed in the hallway, over a sideboard, or even on a covered balcony.

A beautiful option is to use the books as support for a lamp (Illustrative Photo)

If you want to invest more in how to use books in decoration, look for furniture that optimizes their use. There are armchairs with support to store several books, or even different shelves, where all the books are exposed and displayed in an unusual way. Some can be inclined, interspersed with the front and back covers, or even with the spine, that part with the title, facing the wall. All this helps when it comes to giving your home a different look and arousing the curiosity of family and friends about how to use books in decoration.

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