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How to use astrology to find your soulmate

A soulmate is the person with whom you have a connection beyond the emotional, there is a spiritual bond that, when they are together, seek the common good. This means that it inspires the best in you and vice versa. Astrology can help you know who has the potential to be your soulmate, you just need to know their date of birth.

The natal chart contains cosmic data that reveals how compatible two people can be regardless of their sun signs. The locations of the planets at the time of your birth create a complete picture to determine if two people can be soul mates.

There are online astrological calculators that can help you know the most important aspects of a person’s natal chart, you just have to find out their date, place and time of birth. Once you know it, identify the following aspects to know if it can be your soulmate.

rising sign

The rising sign is located in the First House and is the one that represents identity or how we show ourselves to the world. If the ascendant of that person is the opposite sign to yours, it means that they have a strong polarity, because opposite signs attract and complement each otherexplain astrologers at Keen.com.

descending sign

The descending sign identifies you in the Seventh House and reveals what is the type of ideal partner of that person in work, friendship and love. If the characteristic of this sign coincides with your astrological traits, they have greater potential to be soulmates.

The North Node of the Moon

Lunar Nodes show aspects related to destiny. The South Node speaks of past experiences, while the North Node is associated with destiny. If two people have planets that coincide in the North Node, it means that they have a karmic bond. that unites them or are destined to be together.

Compatible Items

Astrological elements are a way of knowing how compatible two zodiac signs are. Fire and Air are active elements, while Earth and Water are passive. If two people have compatible planets or element sign locations, they will have a strong connection.

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