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How to unlock Nubank card?

Your card has arrived and now you need to know what to do to unlock your card Nubank🇧🇷 Unlocking is very simple to do. In this post we take all your doubts about how to unlock the Nubank card and what to do to use it.

What this article covers:

How to Unlock a Nubank Credit Card

As it is a digital bank, you can unlock the Nubank card through the bank application itself, the process is very simple, once your roxinho is already in hand, just log in to the bank application and on the home screen, click on “I received” , enter the last 4 digits of your card that are on the back of it, wait for the completion and that’s it, your roxinho is ready to use.

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It is important to remember that cards are usually issued with contactless technology, payment by approximation, if you want to block its use, you can also do this through the application in “configure card”.

How to unlock the Nubank card after entering the wrong password 3 times?

Oops! It looks like someone made a mistake in the password… To unlock the Nubank card after so many attempts, it will be necessary to contact the bank directly through some service channel. This contact can be made in 3 ways:

  • In the application itself, through the chat,
  • Sending an email to [email protected] explaining what happened and requesting the unlocking
  • By calling 0800 608 6236 which is the Nubank Call Center.

After the request, just wait for the specified period to unlock the Nubank card.

When does the Nubank credit card arrive?

If your card is being processed or has already been sent, the status can be followed through the Nubank application. The card delivery time takes around 15 business days and can arrive much sooner, it all depends on your location!

How to change the limit and check the Nubank credit card bill

To change the limit of your Nubank card, you need a new credit analysis, the bank analysis is very quick, done in a matter of seconds and you can request it through your application. See the step-by-step below:

  • Log in with your credentials and click on the card you want to adjust;
  • After that, click on “adjust limit” and in the right side corner, on the “+” symbol ask for an increase, Nubank will give you some options of what is the ideal limit for you;
  • After including the amount you want to have in your new limit, you need to fill in the reason why you are requesting the increase, the bank will automatically analyze the possibility of the increase and the answer will appear on your screen as soon as they reach a conclusion.

You can also check your Nubank credit card bill and, if you prefer, you can even pay the bill in installments, the query can also be done in the bank’s application:

  • When logging in to the Nubank application with your credentials, click on the credit card you want to check the invoice;
  • Right on the screen, the “current invoice” will appear with all invoice launches for the month and the limit available for new purchases;
  • Below the limit and amount of the invoice, all purchases made for your consultation will be listed.

Pretty easy compared to some other traditional banks.

How to use Nubank card

The Nubank card can be used in several different ways, whether debit, credit, approximation or as a prepaid credit card (in which you can include the limit you want to use through your account balance as a credit card).

How to use Nubank card

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How to check the expiration date?

The expiration date of your card is up to you to choose when requesting it, but to check it, just click on the little figure on your profile inside the app and then on “configure card”, then the expiration date will be the first item on the list, it can also be changed.

How to generate payment slip?

Through a bank slip, you can receive payments directly into your account, on the main screen of the Nubank application. Just choose the deposit option and select the payment slip format, enter an amount from R$20.00 to R$15,000.00, which are the minimum and maximum amounts of a Nubank slip, and that’s it, just copy the barcode for payment.

As advised, receipt can be up to 3 days, but usually payment clears before the deadline.

Although it is a digital bank, Nubank has practical solutions for the needs of its customers, and the best thing is being able to solve them without leaving home, right? We hope that your doubts about unlocking the Nubank card have been resolved.

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