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Nuka World Power Plant| Turn On Power Without Quest

The Nuka-World Energy Plant is a location in the Nuka-World amusement park in 2287. It is instantly positioned west of the galactic area, northwest part of the map. It can be seen from afar as it sits on top of a small rocky hill. How to turn on electricity in nuclear world

Fallout 4 – How to turn on the electricity in a nuclear world?

This guide will tell you step by step on Fallout 4 how to turn on the electricity in the nuclear world, to get the answer to the question – read on.

how to turn on electricity in nuclear world

How to turn on electricity in nuclear world

It’s quite simple, the quest starts after the creation of the third raider outpost in the Fellowship. The first step is to talk to Shank again, whether he was sent to the Commonwealth or remains in Nuclear World. He reveals that, based on the distribution of the previous eight territories (five theme parks, three commonwealth outposts), the gang that received the fewest territories rebelled against Superboss’s decisions taking control of the Nuka-World power station.

Meet the other bosses outside the power plant.

Regardless of the dialogue option chosen, the treacherous gang and its leaders must eventually die. The bosses join in the assault on the power plant, fending off the forces of the treacherous gang and some savage thugs.

The bosses fight one last battle on the outer roof. After killing them, the player character removes the control room key from the boss corpse and turns on the Nuclear-Mir’s main power. Fireworks explode above the parks as the lights come back on. Talk to Gage to complete the mission and complete the main story of Nuka-World.

And that’s all there is to know about how to activate electricity in the nuclear world in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4

How to power up in Nuka World?
To activate energy in Nuka World, the participant must complete a few steps. First, every part of the park needs to be cleared, as shown in The Grand tour mission. Clearing and claiming all 5 sections of the park and chatting with Gage will cause relative instability to increase and unlock an essential selection.

Alternatively, by serving the Raiders and conquering three Commonwealth settlements, the participant can start a Gang Rebellion. After filing the rebellion, the participant can then proceed to the steps below.

In Good Guy mode!

To restore power to the park while still being a good guy, you’ll need to head to the market in Nuka World and find Mackenzie Bridgeman , which will allow you to activate the ” The Hunt Is On ” quest which will require you to Hunt and Kill the leaders of the three raiding gangs Mason , Nisha , William and Mags Black .

So go to the camp of the Pack , Operators and Disciples and get ready for a very tough fight against all the raiders in the camp. Once you kill one of them, you will be a public enemy in Nuka World . Except for the “slaves” of the park. Prepare a maximum of stimpack, ammunition and a well-customized power armor.

Be careful though, if Porter Gage is your companion, be aware that he won’t appreciate anything you do and will turn against you. In any case, you will have no choice but to kill him.

Nisha, the leader of the Disciples of Nuka Town gang in Fallout 4
William Black, leader of the Operators gang in Nuka Town in Fallout 4

Once done, return to Mackenzie to complete the quest and thus have the opportunity to go to the power plant to restore power to the entire park. 

She can be found west of Nuka World .

The location of Nuka Town Power Plant in Fallout 4

Once there, walk around there to find the entrance to the power plant and get ready to face the many ghouls that inhabit the area. The plant is a tall building, made entirely of stairs that will take you up and down in a labyrinth. But to restore the current, you will have to pass on the roof of the building and to do this, it is via a simple ladder hidden in a dark corner of the last room to visit before returning to the entrance of the building and having to repeat the whole route.

The ladder to get to the roof of the Nuka Town power plant in Fallout 4

Once on the roof you will have to climb the stairs and enter the prefab to find the famous button that will trigger a fireworks display when you restore the power.

In Bad Guy mode!

If you’re a bad boy or girl, you’ll need to complete the ” Sweet Home ” quest which will ask you to relocate poor looters to your Commonwealth camps , further attracting the animosity of the Minutemen . Once done, depending on the division of territories you have made between the Pack , the Disciples and the Operators , one of the raiding groups will be unhappy with the division and will turn against you. He will take possession of the power plant in the park and you will be responsible for dislodging them.

If you reach the world near the pool office and worker terminal. take a look at the hidden ascending ramp nearby. At night, a ladder leads to the roof.
Climb to the roof and walk around the management room. The massive white knob will re-energize the playpen.


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