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How to transfer money from Davivienda to Nequi • ENTER.CO

Although most banks already have a digital wallet, the service offered by Bancolombia is undoubtedly the best known: Nequi. Perhaps because it was one of the first brands that Colombians began to see and its rapid deployment among neighborhood stores and restaurants. In fact, there will be times when you want to pay by card, but surprise, they only receive Nequi.

If you find yourself in this predicament, don’t worry, there is a quick and efficient solution: transfer the money from your bank to Nequi. On this occasion, we will explain how to transfer the money from your bank account, exclusively from Davivienda. The first thing you should keep in mind is that, at least Davivienda does charge for transactions; the cost varies depending on the amount of money you transfer. The transfer should be reflected in Nequi’s account in a matter of minutes, as long as it is made before 3 in the afternoon, otherwise it will be reflected after 24 hours. The same will happen in the case of sending money on non-business days.

There are two options to do it, from the website or from the bank’s application. However, the bank will not allow you to send money if you have not registered the account to which you will send the money before. To do this, you must go directly to the web page, go to the upper right corner, from ‘Customer login’; You must enter the ID number linked to the account and the assigned password. eye! Remember that it is not the ATM password, it is the virtual password.

In the upper right corner is the ‘More services’ option, within the menu that is displayed, you must select the ‘registrations’ option. Now, choose the first option ‘Register accounts and electronic deposits for Transfers’, followed by ‘Accounts and Electronic Deposits of Other Financial Entities in Colombia’ and select the ‘Add’ option. Among the entities menu you can find ‘Nequi’; in the account number you must write the cell phone number of the Nequi account to which you will transfer the money; the person’s identity card and the ‘alias’ is how you will recognize it. Once you have filled in the data, click on ‘Enroll’, a confirmation code should arrive on your cell phone and that’s it.

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Now, to transfer from the same page; you will see a column on the left where you find the ‘transfer’ button. By pressing this option, the transfer options will be displayed, you must select ‘To accounts and electronic deposits of other financial entities in Colombia’. If you have no more registered accounts, the page immediately selects the Nequi account that you have just registered. It only remains to specify the amount of money you want to transfer; yes or yes you must fill in the ‘Detail of the transaction’ space. Now you just have to confirm and that’s it.

To do it from the application is even simpler. Once you have entered with your ID number and virtual key, you will see the menu in the upper left; you will recognize it by the three horizontal lines. From there you enter ‘Transfers and advances’ and select the option ‘To other bank accounts’. Within the new section choose ‘Destination account’; there will appear all the accounts that you have registered from the page.

Select the Nequi account where you will transfer the money, select the amount of money. Here you must also specify the ‘Detail of the transaction’ and then click on ‘Continue’. The app will show you the details of the transaction and you just have to click ‘Transfer’ and that’s it.

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