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How to transfer emergency aid to Nubank?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that plagues the globe and has consequences both in terms of affecting the health of the population and having a major impact on the world economy, thus harming the lives of citizens when they need more money to pay for their essential expenses and other important issues in financial life.

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Exactly in the midst of this chaos, emergency aid was created to help Brazilians who are in a not so favorable condition. The amount of emergency aid support is deposited in the Caixa Econômica Federal (CAIXA) digital savings account, but many wonder if it is possible to transfer it to a bank, more precisely to NuBank.

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How to transfer money from Caixa Tem to Nubank?

It is common knowledge that the amount of emergency aid deposited in Caixa Tem can be used to pay bills such as electricity, water and energy, through the Caixa application. However, it is worth remembering that such deposited funds may be transferred to your current account at NuBank??

For those who are already familiar with the Caixa Tem application, they know that it is perfectly possible to make payments and transfers through it, but due to the inconstancy of its operation, many choose to transfer the amount to NuBank.

To make the transfer to NuBank, you must have downloaded Caixa Tem and through the program, it is possible to carry out up to three electronic transfers, each of R$600. downloaded the NuBank application on your mobile device as well. All these transactions are carried out free of charge.

The transfer procedure for NuBank is carried out as follows:

  • Access the Caixa Tem application and go to “Transfer money”;
  • After this action, Caixa Tem will forward you to a robot in the application;
  • Communicate the requested data to make it possible to transfer the emergency aid to NuBank.

Evidently, it is necessary to inform the data of your NuBank account, such as agency, institution and confirmation of the transfer.

How long does it take for Nubank assistance to drop?

The deadline for the transfer to be credited to NuBank is up to three business days. Therefore, it is a very simple process to move between accounts from Caixa Tem, both for NuBank and for other financial agencies.

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