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How to tell if a photograph is fake

How do I know if a photograph is fake? Just consult some tips that we give you in this article to identify this type of assemblies.

They are closely associated with fake newsso it can be very pertinent, nowadays, to be prepared for how know if a photograph is fake.

There are a few steps you can follow to confirm whether this is a montage/staging or a real photograph.

5 tips to know if a photograph is fake

If you are looking at an assembly, there are some aspects that are easily identifiable with the naked eye. Therefore, a careful look is always worth more than a more practical or technical tip. There are certain details that are easily identifiable as long as there is attention to detail.

Some of the most common practices, and that help to know if a photograph is fake, are collages. Sometimes, a person who is effectively not in a photo is “pasted” on it and some inconsistencies are noticed by simply looking at the photo in question.

Details such as the position of a person or object, the light it has in relation to the rest of the photograph, the colors… All these details can easily reveal a fake photoso watch out.

O Google Images it can be an excellent ally in identifying fake photographs, as long as you use it in the opposite order to what you are used to.

What do we mean by this? simple: do Upload of the photograph whose veracity you want to verify, or drag it to the top of the Google Images bar.

Quickly, Google will return the origin of the photo in question or, in other cases, present you with similar photos – whose location may help you to know if that is a fake photo or not.


use technical tools

Currently, there are already software online that help to know if a photograph is fake. Example of this is the PhotoForensicsa platform that uses a very specific algorithm that, in turn, detects flaws and errors in all parts of the photograph that is submitted.

If you cannot identify these details with the naked eye, you can always use this type of tools.

Metadata is, in other words, all the details that identify and characterize a photograph. We are therefore talking about aspects such as the camera used to take the picture, the ISO, the shutter speed, among others.

You can access this list of details using platforms such as FindExifO ExifDate or the Metapicz. All of them are very intuitive and just drag/drop Upload of the photo you want to check to have access to all its details.

Afterwards, all you have to do is look for the small inconsistencies that may exist and that call into question the veracity of the photograph.

For example, the absence of data can mean that something is not correct, or the size is smaller/larger than it should be, for example. If all the data is “sourced”, it’s a good sign.

Let’s say you’re reading a piece of news that is accompanied by an image that you doubt, bearing in mind that you’ve read that its location is not exactly what the photo appears to be.

Tools like Google Maps can help you confirm your suspicions. If the news reports an event in Lisbon and the user knows that the photo presented was taken in Porto, something is not right.

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