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How to teach your child to manage a secure password? • ENTER.CO

A strong password is the first line of defense against cybercriminal attacks. But is it easy for you to decide on a good password? Probably not, and if it’s difficult for us as adults, can you imagine what it’s like for children? Next we are going to give you some keys to teach your child to manage with a secure password.

The increasing use of electronic devices by children and adolescents raises the concerns of parents about their safety on the Internet. Teaching them to manage a secure password is a responsibility. For this reason, we spoke with Andrés Guzmán Caballero, founder and Manager of Adalid Corp., a Colombian company that is an expert in information security and cybersecurity.

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Andrés Guzmán said that “it is important that in the case of children between 4 and 11 years old, the passwords are managed by their parents.” Additionally, he recommended the use of double authentication factors, which are the ones that allow you to confirm the entry to a platform through a telephone number. Some strategy that some parents use is to put a phone number as a password that the child can memorize and also use as an emergency contact if something happens to him. In this case, security is not compromised as long as double authentication is used, which is delivered with a one-time key to the phone of the child’s father.

What criteria should be considered to build passwords for children?

For the high-tech expert and specialist in new technology law, parents can follow these recommendations to build a password for children:

  1. Create a password that the child will always remember. For example, a dad’s phone number with double authentication enabled.
  2. Mnemonics (short, easy-to-remember sentences) can be created by combining home or mailing address and phone number.
  3. One of the main advantages of using phone numbers, mailing addresses and home addresses is that it will be very easy and fun for the child to remember. He can use them if he needs them.
  4. In any case, the double authentication factors must be activated. This is controlled only by the parent, because in the event of a hacking attempt only with the second password it will be possible to access the platforms.

With children on the internet it is necessary to have a high level of control because children are more vulnerable due to their innocence. “Parents should never leave them alone on the network, that they know what their passwords are and have control over them,” Guzmán recommended.

Image: Thomas Park on Unsplash

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