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How to take photos of clothes to sell effectively?

Giving a second life to objects, clothes and furniture is very close to me. I buy a lot second-hand, but also in this way I get rid of what I no longer need. You often ask me how I manage to sell clothes. Therefore, I decided to prepare an entry in which I will describe how I do it and what, in my opinion, guarantees a successful sale. These will be the experiences of the seller and the buyer.

The partner of this entry is the Braun brand, and the main character – the Braun CareStyle 7 Pro steam generator, which is not accidentally found here because ironed clothes are one of the key elements contributing to a successful sale. I have been using it for several years, which I wrote about on the blog 4 years ago.

How to prepare clothes for sale?

It is not easy to sell clothes, and in fact – more and more difficult. There are plenty of clothes. In the maze of advertisements, it’s hard to find those with good quality items and even half the price of new clothes. When I was looking for a jacket for my son, in 90% of the advertisements I was interested in, the description was: “There is a hole / spot, but practically invisible”, and the price was PLN 30. Remember that even when buying used clothes, we want them to be of good quality. What I also noticed is that clothes that were more expensive at the time of purchase are easier to sell later. Therefore, my first appeal is to sell undamaged clothes, and if it has any defects, e.g. a hole or a stain, solve the problem on your own or let the price be low enough for the buyer to take the risk of repairing it.

1. Put yourself in the buyer’s role

Is the item of such quality that you would have bought it yourself? Would we buy this garment for this price, plus shipping and buyer protection? Is the price the buyer will ultimately pay not close to that of the new garment?

It is also worth seeing at what price similar clothes are sold, read the advertisements and assess whether our clothes are of better or worse quality. If you want a quick sale, let it be the lowest price among other ads. Although in the case of clothes, it is not always the lowest price that contributes to a successful sale.

2. Is it profitable to sell to you?

It is worth determining how much minimum you want to earn for a given thing. Do you have what to pack your clothes for shipping at this price, is it profitable to take the parcel to a parcel locker, etc. If you have a lot of clothes that you would value for a few zlotys, maybe it will be more profitable to make a pack of clothes, e.g. for children in a given size? But be careful! Each item must be clearly visible in the photo. Rather, none of us would buy a pig in a poke.

3. Why should I wash clothes for sale?

Before putting things up for sale, be sure to check them carefully and wash them. You will get rid of stains, dirt and you will be sure that you display clothes exactly in the same condition as in the advertisement. If you feather after sale, but before shipment, there is a risk of accidental dyeing etc. For your own safety, it is better to do this before listing your ad.

4. Iron clothes before taking photos

The next step is to iron the clothes. Below are photos that show the difference between ironed and not ironed. Which photo will attract your attention? Which photo give the impression that the clothes are in better condition? Among the many advertisements, the presentation of clothes is of great importance. We have a few seconds to attract the pattern of a potential recipient.

How to take photos of clothes to sell effectively?

How to take photos of clothes to sell effectively?

Ironed clothes look better, regardless of whether it is a presentation in a photo for the announcement or on a daily basis. The equipment that I have been recommending to you for ironing for years is the Braun CareStyle 7 Pro steam generator iron. One feature that I love about this steam generator is its vertical ironing. You can refresh your clothes on the hanger without removing the ironing board. This is very convenient for dresses, but also curtains and curtains. When you prepare clothes for sale, it speeds up the whole process – you iron it on a hanger and then take a photo.

Braun CareStyle 7 Pro is Braun’s most powerful steam generator. And you can feel it when ironing, because thanks to the strong steam output, the ironing time is reduced by half. A big advantage is also the fact that thanks to the iCare technology, we do not have to worry that something will burn or wait for the soleplate to heat up or cool down, because the iCare technology sets one temperature that is safe for all fabrics. Additionally, the generator has Eco and Turbo modes.

How to take photos of clothes to sell effectively?

If your clothes are ironed, it’s time to take photos! It is very important! Therefore, below you will find a short photo guide:

  • nice picture of clothes for sale: lying or hanging on a hanger? – if you have such an opportunity, take a picture of the clothes on the hanger. There are a lot of photos of clothes folded flat. Clothes look better on the hanger, and additionally it will be your distinguishing feature;

How to take photos of clothes to sell effectively?

  • take a photo on a plain background – e.g. on a wall;
  • choose a background that contrasts with the clothes – see a photo of a white dress on a light and a dark wall. It is the same garment but looks better in contrast. Of course, if you don’t have a dark wall, a light, smooth background will be fine. Avoid rather colored walls as they may distort the color of the clothes in the photo. You can also see it above, where the dress is lying on the floor;

How to take photos of clothes to sell effectively?

  • take a picture in daylight, preferably on a sunny day – below is the same shot during the day and under artificial light. The light from the bulb can cause additional shadows or color distortion;
  • take some photos for the advertisement – eg OLX now has a function that when you add one photo, it cannot be enlarged and viewed in full. I bounced myself off several such ads, and later it turned out that my ads have the same problem. Front and back photos are a minimum. It’s also fun to take a detail or a tag, because many people are interested in the composition of the clothes.

What should be in the text of the advertisementto encourage others to buy our clothes?

The ad description is also important in the search itself. In the title, be sure to write what the garment is, its size, brand (if known) or characteristic feature, e.g.. H&M dress size 38, wool sweater, size 110, boy’s winter jacket, size 98.

Here again, put yourself in the role of a buyer and think about what passwords you would enter to find a given item. You can generally, but the number of advertisements is so large that it is better to include the most important information in the title. The content of the advertisement should include dimensions, e.g. length, width at the bust, width at the waist, etc. I sometimes wait to complete this information when someone asks for it, but if you want to shorten the path for the buyer, it is worth adding it right away. Similarly with the composition of the material.

And that was it! I hope you find these tips useful and you will be selling clothes successfully. And with the money you earn, you can buy the Braun 🙂 steam generator Until the end of June 2022, the Steam & Stream promotion lasts, under which – by purchasing the selected steam generator – you will receive several months of access to Canal + online, Storytel or Empik Music. You can find the details of this promotion here.

The partner of the entry is the Braun brand

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