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How to take perfect photos with your smartphone

We have several tips to help you take perfect smartphone photos. Some more basic, some more difficult, but all very useful.

To throw perfect smartphone photos It is a challenge that comes up for us on a daily basis.

Because we want to take a selfie with our group of friends, because we want to record that moment that captivated us…

There are many reasons to oblige us to take the smartphone pocket and capturing the most beautiful images to share later.

Take care of your photos with our tips and record the best that you find around the world.

What a ridiculous tip, isn’t it? Well, be aware that more than half of the photos taken by users around the world fall far short of expectations because of dirty lenses… We’re kidding, come on! But it’s still an important tip, right?

Today, most of the smartphones it includes several lenses for different types of photography, so it is essential to ensure that they are all clean before shooting.

This is, without a doubt, the first step to take to ensure that you capture clear photographs without smudges or shadows interfering with the image.

The brightness of a given location is certainly one of the components that most influences the quality of the photograph. Believe me, if you are in a well-lit place, even a photograph taken with a iphone 6 it will have more quality than you might think.

Of course, the better the camera of the smartphone, the better the photograph will be, but the truth is that light makes a lot of difference in the quality of it. You can venture out against the light, but start by capturing moments in its favor.


Customize exposure level

Most mobile phones include the option to manually manage the exposure level of the photo, that is, whether you want to capture it with more or less brightness.

It is, without a doubt, a tip to take into account even in the most illuminated photographs. You will see that it is a good way to take perfect photos with your smartphone.


Activate the orientation grid

All camera applications smartphones include this often overlooked option. The orientation grid must be activated in order to better frame the photographs, regardless of what you want to photograph.

Both for landscapes and portraits, the grid becomes a very useful aid because it helps to center what is being photographed.


Scroll through all features

Each smartphone has its particularities in terms of the camera, but it is safe to say that they all include “extra” features that give greater quality to what is being framed.

First, you can use the AI ​​(Artificial intelligence) so that it identifies what you are photographing and improves, automatically, the exposure and specificities of the photograph.

But you can also leave AI aside and explore the other features: such as aperture, exposure, monochrome photography, among many other options.


Get closer and don’t use the zoom

In situations where you can reach the object to be photographed, it is preferable to approach it to capture it. Recording the details of the object that captured our attention is an excellent way to explore photography.

Get closer to your point of interest and don’t hesitate to vary the shooting angles. Despite the fact that today’s zoom quality of the latest smartphones being very good, it may leave a little to be desired when compared to a photograph without recourse to this functionality.


Forget the flash (if you can)

A very useful tip for anyone who wants to take perfect photos with their cell phone. O flash It might even come in handy, but not these days.

You smartphones with the best cameras already have impressive “night modes”, capable of capturing photographs with much better quality than those that use flash to introduce artificial light to the moment.


edit your photos

Ok, we know… This isn’t exactly a tip for capturing a photographic moment, but it can work magic in the process that follows the shot.

there are great photo editors that can further enhance the strengths of your favorite moments. You can also, of course, use the mobile’s native editor.

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