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How to take control and have financial education for the money left over?

If you’ve never heard of financial education, this article is for you! Unfortunately, in Brazil, the study of finance and entrepreneurship is not very common.

That is why the majority of the population is indebted, there are about 62.37 million defaulters in Brazil. Common sense mistakenly thinks that to start investing it is necessary to be rich. Continue in this text to understand everything you need.

What this article covers:

Why is having control and financial education important?

Having a spending control, what goes in and out of your wallet every month is essential to not go into the red, pay unnecessary interest due to delay, or even get negative.

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Financial education is important precisely to make individuals financially secure. The weariness of going through financial difficulties does not only interfere with material life, but also with emotional life, which has become a major trigger for mental disorders today.

Tips for taking control and having financial education?

To start taking the reins of your personal finances there are steps that can help you, check it out below.


Knowing exactly what your fixed expenses are and how much you can spend on variables will make all the difference when it comes to paying your bills on time. Put your salary and expenses in a spreadsheet.


Having clear goals is essential to spend your money coherently, with a precise focus on where you really want and need it, and not having the feeling that your money is “disappearing”. Also, having short, medium and long term goals help you stay motivated.

emergency reserve

Having a financial reserve is essential in order not to go through complicated situations, ideally it should be equivalent to six of your salaries.


Make agreements that fit in your pocket, to pay off all debts that are in arrears. Write down all your expenses, do not leave anything aside, and plan to pay all these debts on time.

How does financial education contribute to future investments?

Financial education aligned with investments can provide freedom and a peaceful future. With good control of your personal finances, you have reserves to invest and start seeing your money work for you, not the other way around.

Investment is basically taking an amount and lending it to institutions that will return you with profits.

How financial education contributes to future investments

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Anyone who thinks that you need a lot of money to start investing is wrong, the best time to start investing is now, because that way you educate yourself to save.

Those who do not have the ability to manage small amounts well will not have to manage large ones either, which is why financial education is essential.

To start investing follow these 4 steps:


Investing needs to become a habit, and for that to happen, it’s interesting that you invest every month, even if it’s a small amount.

investor profile

Try to do analyzes to understand your investor profile, to choose options that make sense for you and your income.

financial education

Study is important, and the practice of that knowledge even more so.


Understand that investment is a medium and long term game, don’t expect to get rich very quickly, that doesn’t exist.

With these steps, you have everything to move towards a more abundant life, and walk towards your financial freedom, with money as an asset that works for you. Don’t forget to share this content with someone who also needs access to this information.

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