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How to take care of your feet → HERE

Feet are fundamental points of our body, after all they transport us everywhere and many times they are parts that we neglect, but it is always important to take some time out of the week to combine some care schedules.

And in today’s article, we’ve selected a series of practical and simple tips for you to start taking care of your feet at home, today without needing much. Follow the tips!

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Tips to Take Care of Your Feet and Improve Your Health

To make a good foot care schedule, we here at i9 we picked up a selection of basic tips from an expert on the subject.

like the podiatrist Marcia Huff that teaches you simple tricks you can do at home to keep your feet healthy.


Using foot moisturizing creams is an important and effective step in foot care.

This hydration schedule can be done all week after bathing, the homemade procedure will ensure your feet are much softer and free of the dreaded cracks and dryness?? teaches Marcia.


A deep exfoliation on the soles of the feet are always good tactics to prevent dryness as well and are essential in winter, the time of year when our skin on the feet tends to be more dry.

It’s worth using a moisturizing cream with a pinch of crystal sugar and making a strong scrub on the soles of the feet.

The podiatrist also teaches that to finish the process, just wash your feet under running water, dry them and apply an oil to penetrate the components of exfoliation and hydration used previously.

Wash them in warm water

When we asked about one of the most powerful tips in terms of relaxation for the body, Márcia explained that putting your feet in a basin of warm water can be a good trick to completely relax your body, being a procedure that can be done every day. days before going to sleep.

To enhance the effect, you can add lavender oil to the water, in addition to leaving your feet with a wonderful smell, and also softening the soles, leaving them smoother and softer.

Get massages regularly

The feet have relaxation and even healing points according to Chinese medicine and acupunctureexplains Marcia.

And using some oils suitable for the feet is a good tactic to perform a massage that takes the tension out of the feet and consequently helps your body to relax completely.

Nowadays there are still facilities like automatic foot massagers, so whenever I have time, I massage them.

Avoid wet feet

Taking a shower, for example, and drying your feet the wrong way, leaving moisture in the middle of your toes and then putting on socks, Márcia says that can be a danger for creating chilblains and resistant fungi.

As well as wearing wet shoes with sweat for a long period of time, ideally always having at least 3 shoes, and always keeping everyone hygienic, with baby powder anti-odor and preferably use them when they are dry inside.

And yes, investing in the use of open shoes and slippers that leave the skin of the feet free to breathe, the podiatrist says is essential and we should all use the tactic from time to time.

take care of nails

Maintaining a series of simple nail care, going for a pedicure, is also important for maintaining the overall health of the feet.

Basic care such as removing cuticles, cutting, polishing, filing toenails can also be a good tip for maintaining them. away from fungus and bacteria proliferation in the corners of the nails.

Avoid tight shoes

The rule is that tight shoes or sandals are very uncomfortable for the feet, and Márcia says that shoes that are too tight for a long time, in addition to hurting the feet, can even deform, making the anatomy of the fingers disproportionate with calluses, and even bunions. So when choosing your shoes, choose those good and comfortable models??

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