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How to take care of dry skin during the winter months – 6 important tips

Dry winter air leads to dry skin – that’s a sure thing no matter what skin type you have. At the same time, many people wonder how acne problems can persist when the skin becomes drier? And how to deal with acne without damaging dry and sensitive skin even more? We have the answers!

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Finding a way to take care of your skin during the winter months is difficult but not impossible. Here are 6 super important tips to start with, and the products that will help you on your way.

1. Learn your skin type

For some people with otherwise very oily skin, the dry winter air can mean that the acne gets better, while for others it instead results in dry and irritated skin. Regardless of your skin type, your skin will be significantly drier during the winter months, but it’s still essential to find out how your skin reacts so that you can treat it correctly.

2. Watch out for anti-acne products

As most people probably already know, anti-acne products can be incredibly drying in themselves – therefore it is quite logical that during the dry winter months you don’t need to pour on as much. If you have a product that dries out your skin and you find it works well, you don’t have to stop completely, but try using it every other day instead of every day during this period.

3. Keep moisturizing!

You might feel like you’re suffocating your skin (and clogging your pores) if you apply a rich moisturizer – but then you’re wrong. It is always important to moisturize the skin, and especially important during the winter months!

– Look especially for the substances jojoba and zinc in your skin care products. Jojoba helps the skin control blackheads, while zinc keeps the skin balanced and prevents it from overproducing oil, dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi tells Teen Vogue.

4. Give your face a mini-massage

Many people apply their skin care products without really thinking about HOW they do it. You really want a product to work inside the skin, and it is therefore important that you make sure that it is allowed to do so. By giving yourself a mini-massage when applying a product, you ensure that it penetrates the skin plus you activate the lymphatic system, a network of vessels that lead to the blood. A sluggish lymphatic system causes acne, breakouts and dull, dry skin so you want to keep this going well!

5. Exfoliate gently

If you get extra sensitive skin during the winter (burning and flaming), you should exfoliate with a lactic acid-based peeling. If you only get dry skin, you should invest in a peeling with fruit acid. Ask a skin therapist, in the store or at the pharmacy whether the peeling you are thinking of buying contains these acids.

6. Used face mask

A face mask can give the skin a real boost. During the winter months, when you are still indoors a lot in cozy clothes, it is the perfect time to use face masks. Invest in a really good face mask that contains important substances and that cleans deeply.

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