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How to take advantage of rainwater for domestic use

we tell you how to harness rainwater for domestic use and avoid the disorderly consumption of this great natural resource.

The slow growth of the population and the irresponsible consumption of natural resources have caused that in certain parts of the world there is a worrying scarcity of water, prolonged periods of drought and that with some frequency some governments restrict the daily distribution of water per family. In our country, regions such as Ensenada, Baja California and even some mayors of Mexico City suffer from water scarcity.

Due to the current situation that countries, regions and communities are suffering at a national and international level, it is important to raise awareness and make responsible use of the resources that nature offers. Some measures to reduce consumption and be in solidarity with the environment and ecosystems is to invest in sustainable architecture, which stands out in sustainable housing Y home automationeven some of them stand out for having LEED certification. However, there is also another cheaper method, which is to store and use the rainwater for domestic use. To do it efficiently it is important to consider any of these 3 options:

  • Underground water tank: It is a collection system that allows filtering, storing and controlled discharge of water without contaminating the surrounding land.
  • Water barrel system: They are located superficially on the exterior floor of the house and collect the water when they are connected to each other.
  • Open reservoirs: These can serve for the proliferation of insects and in summer they have great evaporation and loss of stored water, so it is necessary to constantly supervise.

Now that you know what the ideal options are for reusing rainwater for domestic use, we invite you to find out what you can start using it for.

Where can I use the rainwater for domestic use?

  • Garden and plant irrigation
  • Downloads in the bathroom
  • General house cleaning
  • Wash clothes and kitchen utensils

Garden and plant irrigation

Once you collect rainwater, either in an underground tank or through barrels, it is recommended to use it to water plants inside or outside a house, as well as to keep the garden or a home garden alive. Another effective method to collect rainwater for domestic use is to place plastic bottles or buckets on balconies, terraces and patios.

It is important that you know that this water contains minerals that contribute to the nutrition of flowers, plants, vegetables and trees. This is because it does not contain lime, chlorine or any other harmful chemical component.

Downloads in the bathroom

If what you are looking for is save water at home, a very simple tactic is to use rainwater in the bathroom. As you well know, flushing the toilet is one of the biggest wastes that are carried out on a daily basis (it is estimated that around 40 liters of drinking water are used per person per day), so collecting this resource will serve to reduce this consumption.

General house cleaning

Another benefit offered by the rainwater for domestic use is that it can be used to clean windows, glass doors, floors and wash the car. This method allows thousands of liters of water to be saved annually and, furthermore, it does not cause whitish stains on crystals when exposed to direct sunlight, thanks to the fact that the water is free of lime and there are no traces of calcifications adhering to the surfaces.

Wash clothes and kitchen utensils

You can also use this water to fill a washing machine and even a swimming pool. As mentioned above, the rainwater for domestic use It does not contain lime or chlorine, so the water is in a more natural form and allows you to save on soap, detergents or other elements that are needed to wash duvets, delicate clothes, sheets and blankets.

On the other hand, to be used in a swimming pool, it is necessary for rainwater to pass through a filtration system; later the PH and chlorine will have to be leveled so that the substances do not hurt the skin of your family.

Finally, rainwater can also be used in the kitchen, both to clean the floor, walls and furniture as well as to wash dishes and utensils.

As you can see, rainwater for domestic use has many benefits and saves drinking water if used efficiently. If you are interested in protecting your personal finances, be sure to read the post of how to reduce the consumption of basic services.

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