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How to start a toilet paper factory

Who does not know toilet paper? It is one of the most widely used products for personal use since its appearance and, precisely, given the growing and permanent demand of this article by society, wouldn’t it seem good to make it the raison d’être of a profitable business? A toilet paper factory could be the opportunity you are looking for to start your own business.

Starting the production of toilet paper could generate a good return, at the same time that you help to satisfy that high need that people have for this article. So, in this article we are going to share some important tips for you to open your toilet paper factory and thus start your new business with great success.

What is the raw material of toilet paper?

Raw material for toilet paper

The raw material used in a toilet paper factory is wood. Then, where does toilet paper come from? Is it made of trees? The answer is yes, toilet paper is made from wood fibers from the tree.

However, it is important to remember that plants are often used to create many products. The best parts of the tree are used for wood products, while the remaining parts, such as tree tops and sawdust, are used to produce pulp and bioenergy.

In addition, most of this raw material used in the manufacture of toilet paper comes from certified forests, cultivated to produce their derivatives, ensuring that we do not end up with primary or native forests.

Pulp is mainly made up of these residues, which can be in the form of fresh wood pulp fibers or recycled paper (the original waste paper is derived from wood fibers). Therefore, the main raw material for the manufacture of paper is cellulose, which is extracted from eucalyptus wood, but there is a whole process of preparing this material to become the paper we use on a daily basis.

Since, first of all, the wood is cut and peeled, then that shell is chopped, and then taken to a large tank where it will be cooked and in which some chemicals will be inserted. Another alternative for the production of toilet paper is paper recycling, where a whole process of grinding, cleaning the paper and the formation of new sheets is carried out.

What artifacts or machinery are used to make paper?

Machinery for toilet paper factory

For this type of business you need a series of special machines and equipment. However, being in the beginning period of a toilet paper factory project, you can have the basic machinery and start your quality manufacturing, but with a simplified process.


Then, when you have more budget, you can afford to make designs and others. To start a toilet paper factory you will need the following equipment:

  • winding machine
  • roll cutter
  • pressure cylinder
  • Ingredient Mixing Equipment
  • Tools for general operations and equipment used.
  • You may also need to buy a tube making machine to roll the paper, or you can also choose to buy these ready-made tubes.

There are many types of these machines, some of which are automated using formwork (creating drawings on paper), cutters, and die-cutting. Typically, these machines cost between $50,000 and $80,000 USD and this will all depend on the technology you have in place.

Is it profitable to set up a toilet paper factory?

Toilet paper

In a special way we believe that it is worth it, because it is an essential product in our day to day life, but we must focus on large-scale production and have an effective strategy to fight directly with the competition or those brands that have been around for a while. the toilet paper factory market.

Although it is true, there is room in the market for new manufacturers, but it takes an impressive strategy to fit in and a lot of knowledge. So the advice is that to set up a toilet paper factory you prepare professionally to work in this field.

This is certainly not a business for everyone, and to be profitable you need to create and sell at least 2,000 bags per week (60,000 rolls) to earn a return on investment over the course of a year.

How to create a toilet paper factory? 8 steps to do it yourself

How to create a toilet paper factory

To know how a toilet paper factory works, you must have a notion of the equipment and the necessary place to work. In this article, we’ll start by covering the steps you need to take to start a paper production business. By the end, you’ll know everything you need to start and grow your toilet paper business.

1. Research the market

It is important to find out if there is a ready market for your product and who your competitors are. If you can, create a discussion group of people who use paper or related products on a regular basis and ask them what they need most in such a product. The answers will help you create an article that is acceptable to consumers and, of course, meets their needs and expectations.

2. Find the ideal place

paper production plant

The opening of a toilet paper factory requires a large space, both for the production of the product, as well as for the inventories of raw materials and manufactured products. On average it is estimated that it is necessary to have a space that measures around 400 m² to 600 m² to start a type of factory, but everything is very variable, so you can start in a smaller space, it all depends on the size of your company .

The internal part will need to be divided among some sectors, the majority being the paper production area, as this is where the machines will be. If you have good logistics, you will not have to have a very large stock of finished products, it is also necessary to have a stock of raw materials, bathrooms, changing rooms, a small kitchen and an administration office.

The ideal for the installation of a toilet paper factory is to look for neighborhoods further from the center and opt for a location near the roads, either at the entrance or exit of the city. This ensures a more appropriate space to handle these products and facilitates both the arrival of vehicles with raw materials and the departure with products ready to be placed on the market.

3. Know the manufacturing process

Having the right equipment, there are no big mysteries to know how to make toilet paper, as these machines work intuitively and make everything much easier. Then, having the reel of paper in your hands, it is enough to take it to the conversion area where it will be inserted into a rewinding machine. Thus the paper will be unrolled from that large reel and wrapped in cardboard tubes, thus forming smaller rolls and in the correct quantity.

Then these rolls will be passed through the mats and will be cut in another machine with a measure of 10 cm for each roll. Later these rolls are automatically packed in a machine, according to the desired number of rolls per package. In this way, the toilet paper will be ready to be placed on the market.

4. Study your budget

Budget for a toilet paper factory

How much does it cost to start a toilet paper factory? Cost tends to be highly variable. However, it will not be cheap, since the machines are quite expensive, you will also have to invest in the premises, purchase raw materials and much more. So, on average, you’re going to have to invest between $90,000 and $300,000 USD to set up a well-structured toilet paper factory.

5. Register your company

Depending on the country, you can choose to work and register a trademark, or just sell generic toilet paper without any trademark. Likewise, you must pay the respective taxes to the Treasury according to the country.

In addition to registering the plant, it is necessary to hire employees, although some machines are automated, they must be supervised. For a normal factory you require 4-6 workers, although this must be calculated according to the number of machines.

6. Use a distribution network

Distribution network for a paper mill

When the final product is ready, you must have a way to move the toilet paper from the factory to the consumer. To do this, you may need to purchase one or more delivery trucks to transport the company’s products.

Also keep in mind that you will need a warehouse to store your products until you start receiving orders; Since paper and paper products such as fabrics are very easily damaged by water or moisture, the company’s warehouse must be free of both.

7. Discover the profile of your customers

The main customers of a toilet paper factory should be the supermarkets or wholesalers, because if you focus on retail sales it will be difficult to recover your capital. Remember that for the business to be profitable, the investment must be repaid within 12 to 16 months. Therefore, the main focus of the toilet paper factory should be the wholesale.

You have to constantly advertise and have many offers, offering rolls of different sizes and qualities (wipes, white and gray). Other strategies to keep the toilet paper plant running should also be considered, as having a large stock and shutting down for several weeks is not profitable.

8. Go public

toilet paper advertising

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invest in advertising It will also be crucial for your growth, so you should start creating a brand for your products and invest in promoting them, always showing the differential value. This will make it easier to get your products on retail shelves and have a higher acceptance by the end consumer.

You need to know who your target market is in order to know how to advertise. In this case, your market includes schools (they use paper), restaurants, and hotels (for toilet paper and other related items). So, know how to set up a toilet paper factory is not enough, but it is essential to develop an operational strategy in the market, always aiming at customer satisfaction. You can use some advertising channels, such as TV commercials, leading radio stations, billboards, and especially the Internet.

final words

Many people are looking for profitable business opportunities that allow them to set up their own businesses, factories and commercial establishments so that they can be their own boss and earn a selfless income. However, not everyone is able to decide and choose the option that best suits their expectations, or they may not know everything that must be considered to build a solid foundation that allows them to start and achieve results.

As you can see, the product that we offer you today is fundamental for human beings, so… What are you waiting for to buy a toilet paper machine and start increasing your finances?

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