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How to start a hosiery or socks factory

How about learning to set up a sock factory from scratch and start making money? I’ll show you the tutorial for this today! In this way, you will understand what is essential to set up your new business.

I am sure that after reading this article you will know exactly what to do and that it will only depend on your attitude to get the business out of paper and make it a reality.

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How to set up a sock factory: 6 key points step by step

Before putting into practice what I am going to teach you next, it is important that you plan your business.

You can learn the steps on how to set up a sock factory, but before you get your hands dirty, try to learn more about the potential of this market.

This means that You must study your competitors and the purchase demand that exists in your region. This will help you understand if the business is profitable or not..

After all, it all depends on your audience and if it is not near you or if this market is already saturated there, you have to keep in mind that opening a sock factory will require much more time, investment and patience.

The truth is that knowing the market, the competition and the consumers is the first step to building a solid and growing company.

The other steps will be taken according to these points that I will introduce to you now on how to set up a sock factory:


#1- Types of socks and age range

The first step in opening your factory is choosing the type of sock or stocking you want to produce and the age range of your audience. This will give you the correct address for your business.

However, it is important that you understand that sell socks you can carry many different styles, colors, sizes, and age ranges. You can choose to only sell a line for children, but you can also bet on sales for adults and children.

Everything will depend on your sales goals, the size of your business and how much you can invest at the beginning.

However, the main types of socks are:

  • Ankle length socks.
  • Long socks.
  • Long stocking socks.
  • Mid calf socks.
  • Calf-high socks.
  • Knee high socks.
  • sports socks;
  • Non-slip Socks;
  • school socks;
  • slipper-type socks;
  • three-quarter socks;
  • Socks seven eighths;

Regarding the age group and the segment, you can bet on one or more selling lines below:

  • Childish;
  • Infant Juvenile;
  • Male;
  • Woman;
  • Thin line;
  • Sports;
  • Winter; Y
  • Summer.

#2- Required Equipment

I will assume that so far you have already chosen the models and age range of your hosiery making. Now it’s time to figure out what equipment you’ll need to actually assemble your product.

– Machines to make thinner stockings:

  • Union 39500 RC special machine (closes the front);
  • Flat sewing machine (closes the other parts of the sock);
  • Small diameter circular loom (for the body of the sock).

– Common cotton sock making machines:

  • In addition to the options listed above, you will need an overlock machine with a needle. It will serve to close the front of your sock.

– Miscellaneous equipment:

  • tables and chairs for employees;
  • kitchen refrigerator and microwave;
  • tables and chairs for the cafeteria;
  • Cleaning products;
  • Computers;
  • Table service;
  • Office equipment.

# 3- Location and structure

The third step on the list of how to set up a sock factory is to find the best location for it.

Remember that your factory does not have to be in the center of your city, ok? After all, andhe sales process will happen much more because of trained sales reps than because of the location of the business itself.

However, it is important that the ownership structure is suitable for this type of production. It needs to represent the number of divisions and the optimal size for your business to run in an organized and easy way.

The necessary business structure must provide spaces for:

  • Reception of raw materials;
  • Raw material warehouse;
  • court room;
  • Cutting room;
  • Review and packaging;
  • Warehouse for finished products;
  • Expedition;
  • Offices;
  • bathrooms and changing rooms;
  • Dining room and kitchen.

# 4- Legal issues to start a business

Did you find the ideal property for your sock company? Then it’s time to legally open it!

At this stage, it is ideal that you have the help of an accountant, since he can present you with the necessary steps to legalize your business.

However, for now I can introduce you to some procedures that need to be done when you start your business. Check it out below:

  • Company opening;
  • Registration to issue invoice;
  • Opening of accounts for the company.
  • fire inspection;
  • Among other procedures that may vary according to the guidelines of your city.

# 5- Ideal collaborators

The fifth step to setting up a sock factory is to think about the size of your team. After all, she will be aware of all the development of your business.

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That is why it is very important that you have already made your investment and market planning. It is from this plan that you can decide how big your business will be. And from this, you can know how many employees you will need for each function.

Therefore, the most important functions for this type of factory are:

  • Production team.
  • Supervisor.
  • Manager.
  • General Service assistant.
  • Administrator.
  • Seller / Representative.

# 6- Official opening of your sock factory

All in all, now is the time to officially open your sock factory!

This is where you should invest in advertising your business so that your potential consumers already see it. Also, you can plan an opening “party” just to bring the public closer to your business.

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