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How to share a tweet on Instagram stories • ENTER.CO

Earlier this month, Twitter released a feature that has caused a stir on social media: the ability to share a tweet on Instagram stories. Yes, you can take a screenshot of a tweet that you liked or that you feel identified with, but it will look much better if you do it with the new Twitter feature.

Sharing a trill on your Instagram is really easy. Once you have located the tweet, you go to the bottom right, on the ‘Share’ button; you will identify it by its icon that is similar to the outline of an arrow. Pressing this option expands a menu with several options to share the tweet. In the first row, you will find as a suggestion the users you frequent on Twitter; in the second row you will see the options ‘Share via’, ‘copy link’ or ‘save’.


In the third row is the option we are looking for: ‘Instagram Stories’, you will find it along with other applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook. When you select the option to share with Instagram, it automatically redirects you to an Instagram story where you will see the screenshot of the Tweet. You will be able to see the user who made the trill, the number of comments and ‘likes’ that the publication has on Twitter and that’s it, now your contacts will be able to see the trill in your Instagram stories.

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However, one important thing missing from the new Twitter option is the ability to go from the Instagram story to the Twitter post. That is, your users will be able to view the tweet in your story, but they will not be able to click there to go to the trill. In return, if they wish, they must go directly to Twitter and search for the trill there.

Although we cannot deny that this option is a giant step for the union of social networks. We have seen, since the arrival of TikTok, how social networks compete with each other, including instant messaging applications such as Telegram and WhatsApp. However, those of the company of the little blue bird are more intelligent: if you can’t beat your enemies, join them. In the end, Twitter seems to have a cleaner competition, where, instead of wanting to overshadow other social networks, it includes functions that allow users to integrate various social networks. This is the case of the new option to share tweets.

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