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How to Set Up an Orchidary, Tips

Know all about how to set up an orchid garden, tips🇧🇷 It is not enough just to choose an environment in the house to grow the plants, it is necessary to develop a project and create conditions conducive to their cultivation. Read the article and find out what it takes to set up a perfect nursery.

How to Assemble an Orchidarium, Tips. (Photo: Disclosure)

For those who want to care for and exhibit orchids, setting up an orchid house is something more than necessary. The structure itself need not be complex, like those in a botanical garden. The ideal is that the project adapts to the size of the environment and the budget.

There are nurseries of various sizes and formats. To decide the best model, it is necessary to analyze the available space and the number of orchids that will be cultivated inside the building.

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How to Set Up an Orchidary, Tips

Check it out below how to set up an orchid garden, tips🇧🇷

Choose an appropriate place

The place needs to favor the cultivation of orchids. (Photo: Disclosure)

First of all, it is necessary to choose a place where it receives sun at least in the morning, as adequate lighting is essential for the plants to survive. Then decide on the size, which doesn’t have to be overly large. Always think about the work you will have to keep the environment always clean and free of pests and insects.

In a space of approximately 4×5 meters it is possible to set up an orchid house where at least 200 orchids can fit.

Make a proper cover

The orchid house needs to have a cover that filters the sun’s rays. (Photo: Disclosure)

The climate in Brazil is relatively hot, so the sun’s rays need to be filtered. For this, it is advisable that the roof is made with wooden slats, bamboo or tiles, this provides the ideal lighting for the plants. There is also a material called shading on the market, a special screen that filters up to 70% of sunlight and protects plants from excessive sun. Umbrella also provides better ventilation inside the environment, since it is a screen and has a structure that is completely perforated, allowing air to pass through, and it is also a much cheaper material than wood.

Think about what each type of orchid needs

Grandstand with orchids arranged. (Photo: Disclosure)

It is necessary that inside the orchidary you can explore different spaces, because not all orchids are the same. Plants have different needs and need to find the perfect conditions for their development.

organization of orchids

Make the most of the space in the greenhouse. (Photo: Disclosure)

Larger orchids, which need a lot of aeration, can hang, so it is necessary to think about more resistant trellises. Benches and shelves are necessary for newly hatched or growing plants. And, at the bottom, the species that like more shade can be.

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orchid model

Orchid design template. (Photo: Disclosure)

There are many options for orchid house projects and we have selected one so that you can get to know the structure of this construction better. The space, measuring 2.50m X 2.50m, has a bench to organize the vases, slats for plates, slats for hanging vases and a gravel floor.

From another perspective, the same project shows an orchid house covered with shade. The shade should be 30cm above the plastic, as it reduces heating inside the greenhouse. The smallest height must be at least 2.5m so as not to interfere with the movement of the person inside. Screens for fixing plates can be used with plants and smaller and gain more space.

The same project seen from another angle. (Photo: Disclosure)

This construction is for those who have a lot of space. This model makes it possible to place several orchids, but it is necessary that you dedicate more time to taking care of and cleaning the orchidary. To prevent too much sun from coming in from the front or side, it is necessary to place shade and canvas in these places, if you have walls or walls nearby, the use of these becomes necessary.

Use meter wires to keep the transparent canvas taut where it is applied, distribute the plants in a way that does not harm the lighting of the others and be careful with the infected orchids so as not to infect the others. Small details are recognized over time, it may seem difficult to set up an orchid house, but after the work you will definitely get a perfect environment for your home.

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