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How to set up a vegetable garden at home

Producing vegetables at home, without a doubt, is an excellent and very pleasant therapy. In addition to getting the benefit of a pleasant and very calming pastime, you will be able to enjoy food free of toxic treatments, which without a doubt is a huge differential for your health. Learn it how to set up a vegetable garden at home with photos and models for you to use in your home.

Learn how to set up your vegetable garden at home

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How to set up a vegetable garden at home – Photos and models

For you who live both at home and in an apartment, there are countless options for mounting vegetable garden, so that you can choose the one that best suits the available space. know more about how to start a vegetable garden at home🇧🇷

First steps

Before choosing to install a vegetable garden at home, we must take into account the space where the vegetable environment will be arranged. It is extremely important that the place is well ventilated and illuminated by the sun, otherwise it is impossible to maintain the life of the plants.

The sun is essential for the vital maintenance of any living being.

the corner of vegetable garden it must also be flat, so that the risk of flooding, caused both by rain and through the watering can, is lower. It is also important to remember that leaving small plants away from the shadows of walls or other objects is necessary for them to absorb more solar energy.


Before starting the assembly, choose the container or the place where the seeds or roots of the plant will be placed. In the case of creations outside the house, remember never to cement the beds with masonry materials (cement, lime, mortar, etc.), as this allows the soil to become unbalanced.

Do not use masonry materials so as not to cause imbalances in the ground

It is worth remembering that the land must be very well prepared and enriched with organic matter. To do this, use leftover eggshells, fruits or vegetables, beating them in a blender with water and mixing afterwards.

When setting up a home vegetable garden, start by inserting expanded clay stones at the bottom of the container, which allow drainage so that the plant does not get soaked. Once done, above them insert the bidim blanket, well arranged so that the earth does not exceed it.

Fill the bottom of the site with fertilized earth and make small holes for the insertion of new roots. Cover again with more soil and water the seedlings daily.


Check out the photos of some models to serve as inspiration when putting together yours. vegetable garden at home.

Ideal for outdoor environments, wall models are very sophisticated

Household items can also become containers for vegetable gardens

If you live in an apartment, it is also possible to make a vegetable garden on the balcony.

Using creativity, even gutters can serve as shelter for your seedlings

Wooden boxes also guarantee a special touch to the environment.

Use and abuse your creativity to take care of your health and food, adhering to the assembly of vegetable gardens at home🇧🇷 Watch the video below for great tips and a step by step for you to make your garden at home. Check out:

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