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How to set up a men’s polo or t-shirt factory

The men’s t-shirts, polo shirts or t-shirts stand out for being a clothing item of great acquisition and great success among the most varied types of consumers, mainly the Milleniun generation. Now, thinking about this great opportunity, in this article we will present you with a complete guide with all the points you need to analyze to start your men’s t-shirt factory with the right foot and make money with it. Take note!

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First: Is it a good market?

I always say here on the blog how profitable it is to invest in clothes! It is one of the best markets to work in the whole world! This is because we are talking about something that is a human needbut has also become a desire Y it is even a means of expression.

Men are becoming more vain every day and working specifically with them is also a good opportunity to earn money, not to mention that having a very clear segment makes your work hit the target more easily.

How to set up a men’s T-shirt factory: 7 things you need to evaluate

In what follows I show you seven tips that will help you open a men’s T-shirt factory. Even the seemingly simplest points have great potential when it comes to practice, so don’t underestimate any of them, ok?

Another thing that is important to comment on is that I have brought general suggestions here, so it is important that you model them according to your market reality, objectives and also current conditions.

More important than learning everything I have brought is your attitude afterwards. Many people know everything you need to earn money and lead a different life, but you don’t. What makes us winners is action, so don’t let anything stop you.

Now let’s go to the seven steps!

#1 – Plan!

Every business needs planning! Not because there is a high demand for the product you want to produce or because you can make money in that area, you should not worry about the step by step, on the contrary!


No project will go very far without taking care of this step. I’m not talking about bureaucratic planning, no. I’m talking about a simple paper, pen and your ideas and information written down.

Having a vision of your possibilities and goals will help you to set up the best strategy!

#2 – Invest in professionalization

If you want to be successful with your factory, it is essential that you have technical knowledge about the business. This will be the crucial point that will differentiate you from your competitors and will place you in a prominent place.

A men’s t-shirt production course will set you apart from your competitors at the start of your business. With him you will learn all the step by step to produce the best t-shirts in your region.

#3 – Structure

The Structure of a men’s T-shirt factory it has to be well organized and divided to give you the best and highest productivity conditions. It doesn’t matter if the space is big or small, it will basically be divided in the same way:

  • Production area
  • Stock of raw material
  • Stock of ready products
  • Restrooms and pantries
  • Reception
  • Administrative area

It is essential that your employees have the most comfortable structure possible. Giving them the best area for work will directly influence the production and quality of life at work in your company.

#4 – Teams

Basically you will need the same machines for making clothes. They are sewing machines that can vary in type and size according to the final product you want to offer your customers.

It is also possible to purchase stamping machines, if that is your goal. Everything will vary according to your project.

In addition to the production equipment, you will need office supplies and support in the reception and pantry areas.

#5 – Advertise your business

If you really want to be successful with manufacture of men’s t-shirtsyou have to think a little beyond the structure of the plant itself, it is important that you look at the business as a whole and remember the importance of the commercial part.

It is useless to have the best factory and the best shirts in the world if nobody knows you exist! That is why it is so important that you invest in publicizing your business – mainly through social networks.

Hiring a company or professional to take care of your content will be paramount. It is an investment that will give you a return capable of multiplying your billing more than three times.

#6 – Keep an eye on fashion

There is no way you want to open a men’s T-shirt factory and not worry about what is happening in world fashion. You need to be attentive to everything that is on the rise, to all the news and always put it into practice in your clothes.

#7 – Investment

The investment to start the business is influenced according to your goals with it. Basically we can estimate that it is possible to start with an investment of US$5,000, but for larger projects you may need up to more than US$300 thousand!

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So planning is very important! He will even give you the vision of what will be necessary to invest financially, well in advance.

Get your factory up and running!

After so many tips, are you going to wait any longer to start setting up your men’s t-shirt factory? It doesn’t matter if it’s going to be a small or a big start-up project, what matters is to start and stick with it.

I am sure that if you follow all these tips you can have a wonderful result. I’ll be pushing for it.

Good luck!

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